Castleville How to level up fasterGreeting Castlevillers, some of you, especially the new player in zynga Facebook game universe might still be confused on how to level up faster in Castleville, also currently there’re some cross promotions with other zynga games where you need to have level 5 to claim the prizes.  

And like all the other zynga ville games, there are several ways to level up quicker, here we will give you some of the tips and tricks to level up faster:


Quick Level Up Tips 1 – Add More Neighbors

 castleville neighbor

Well, Castleville is a social game after all. The game is designed in such a way that you will need to interact with your friends to gain special items / experience. So add as many neighbor as you can, especially the active one that like to share gift and rewards :D . Some of the reward share are experience and energy. Experience, of course is the requirement for your level up. And with Energy, you can do many actions, most of the actions will give you experience point.

castleville neighbor get energy

Besides sharing, another use of having many neighbours is you can visit their place, do 5 actions in their kingdom and you might be able to get 1 energy and other items, like reputation points and coins. With many neighbors, you can have many energies to collect your experience points.

castleville neighbor - thanks for visiting rewards

Quick Level Up Tips 2 – Focus on Quests

do quests to level up faster 

Simple, like any other games, usually when you do your quests, you will get more extra rewards, like coins and experience. For the first 6 levels, try to focus your energy on quests instead of collecting items outside the quests requirements, you’ll notice that you will gain level faster from doing it.

complete the quests to get more experience

Quick Level Up Tips 3 – Secret Ability, Telekinesis

Yupe, you don’t read it wrong.. your Castleville character has a secret ability of doing things from far away. But your Castleville character is too diligent, so he/she won’t use it.. so let us help him/her to trigger that skill :D.

Have you noticed that when you do an action, normally your character will go to the place where you want the action to happen, and sometimes they take time to reach the place? If you haven’t noticed it’s very possible you’re playing the wrong game and reading the wrong posts :D . Anyway, Like the old gamer saying goes, Time is Experience :) ! So we need to use of our time effective and efficiently. Here’s the trigger to make your character remember that he can do things from far away - put him in prison.. or in other way lock his movement. Take a look at the below screenshot for example:

 castleville - lock character movement

When you put your Castleville character like that, they will not be able to reach the place where the action happen and they will start doing actions from their current position, no matter how far the place is.

castleville - do action faster

Hopes the current tips above will help you to level up faster, and if we found more tips to level up faster, we will update on this post. Please like or share this post if you find it useful. Until then, enjoy the game :) !

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