castleville item material needed / requiredHere’s a guide to help you know earlier what item materials required / needed to make what building, what level the building will be unlocked and what is the function of the building in Castleville. Use Ctrl+F to search for the building you would like to make.

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Crafting Building Guide


castleville workshop

Unlocked at: Level 2

Cost: 2000 coins

Description: Building materials and tools are crafted using Forging recipes. You can only have 3 in your Kingdom.

Workshop Materials: 12 Wood Logs, 5 Stones


castleville Kitchen

Unlocked at: Level 5

Cost: 5000 coins

Description: Energy consumables are crafted with Cooking recipes. You can only have 3 in your Kingdom.

Kitchen Item Materials: 10 wood planks, 2 gold bricks


Castleville Blacksmith

Unlocked at: Level 8

Cost: 6,000 coins

Function: Unlocks new Forging recipes and supplies your Kingdom with Nails every 36 hours.

Blacksmith Materials: 8 Wood planks, 5 Stone blocks, 1 Anvil


Castleville Studio

Unlocked at: Level 10

Cost: 16,000 coins

Function: Decorations and Costumes are crafted from Artistry recipes. You can only have 3 in your Kingdom.

Studio Materials:  10 Wood Planks, 5  Gold Bricks


castleville mill

Unlocked at: Level 11

Cost: 10,000 coins

Function: Unlocks new Cooking recipes and supplies your Kingdom with Sacks of Flour every 24 hours.

Mill Item Materials: 8 Wood Planks, 5 Stone Blocks, 5 Grind Stones


castleville Tailor

Unlocked at: Level 13

Cost: 11,000 coins

Function: Unlocks Artistry recipes and supplies your Kingdom with Cotton Cloth .

Tailor Materials: 5 Wood Planks, 7 Stone Blocks, 2 Looms, 1 Dye


castleville fishery

Unlocked at: Level 15

Cost: 7,500 coins

Function: Lets you gather fish more quickly. Produce Bass every 6 hours

Fishery Materials: 8 Wood Planks, 7 Stone Blocks, 5 Fishing Baits


castleville quarry

Unlocked at: Level 18

Cost: 16000 coins

Function:Unlocks new Forging recipes and supplies your Kingdom with Stone Blocks every 12 hours.

Quarry Materials: 10 Wood Planks, 5 Stone Blocks, 1 Iron Pick


castleville bakery

Unlocked at: Level 21

Cost: 21,000 coins

Function: Unlocks new Cooking recipes and supplies your Kingdom with Bread Dough every 24 hours.

Bakery Materials: 10 Wood Planks, 8 Stone Blocks, 6 Brick Ovens

Jeweler’s Shope

Castleville Jeweler's Shope

Unlocked at: Level 21

Cost: 27,000 coins

Function: Unlocks new Artistry recipes and supplies your Kingdom with Diamond every 120 hours.

Jeweler’s Shope Materials: 6 Wood Planks, 8 Stone Blocks, 1 Work Bench


castleville armory

Unlocked at: Level 28

Cost: 31,000 coins

Function: Unlocks new Forging recipes and supplies your Kingdom with Hammers every 48 hours.

Armory Materials: 12 Wood Planks, 15 Stone Blocks, 3 LeatherAprons, 1 Candle


castleville butcher

Unlocked at: Level 26

Cost: 32,000 coins

Function: Unlocks new Cooking recipes and supplies your Kingdom with Meat every 24 hours.

Butcher Materials: 15Wood Planks, 12 Stone Blocks, 7 Knives, 2 Cloth Aprons


castleville clockmaker

Unlocked at: Level 21

Cost: 32,000 coins

Function: Unlocks new Artistry recipes and supplies your Kingdom with Cogs every 120 hours.

Clockmaker Materials: 10 Wood Planks, 15 Stone Blocks, 1 Angle Finder, 5 Iron Bars

Resources Building Guide

Logging Camp

Castleville lumber camp / logging camp

Unlocked at: Level 3

Cost: 3,000 coins

Function: Helps you gather small amounts of wood.

Logging Camp Materials: 15 Wood Logs, 3 Stone Blocks, 1 Gloom Wolf Pelt (Ask Friends)

Mining Camp

castleville mining camp

Unlocked at: Level 8

Cost: 6,000 coins

Function: Produces stone and sometimes Iron ore, Silver Ore, Ruby, Diamond for your Kingdom.

Mining Camp Materials: 10 Wood Planks, 5 Stone Blocks, 2 Coats of Arms (Ask Friends)

Royal Building Guide

Maiden’s Tower

castleville maiden's tower

Unlocked at: Level 3

Cost: 1,500 coins

Function: Produce 550 coins every 8 hours. Adds 80 Castle Points.

Royal Building Materials: 10 Wood Logs, 15 Stones


castleville barracks

Unlocked at: Level 6

Cost: 4,500 coins

Function: Produce 750 Coins every 12 hours. Adds 110 Castle Points

Barracks Materials: 15 Wood Logs, 20 Stones

Guard Tower

Castleville Guard Tower

Unlocked at: Level 7

Cost: 3,000 Coins

Functions: Produce 550 Coins every 8 hours. Adds 90 Castle Points

Guard Tower Materials: 15 Wood Logs, 5 Stone Blocks, 3 Wanted Poster (Ask Friends).


castleville vault

Unlocked at: Level 7

Cost: 15,000 coins

Function: Produce 1050 coins every 18 hours. Adds 150 Castle Points.

Vault Materials: 8 Stone Blocks, 4 Gold Bricks, 5 Wood Clubs

Throne Room

castleville throne room

Unlocked at: Level 12

Cost: 50,000 coins

Function: Produce 1,650 coins every 30 hours. Adds 190 Castle Points.

Throne Room Materials: 4 Stone Blocks, 7 Gold Bricks, 5 Cotton Clothes


castleville Library

Unlocked at: Level 15

Cost: 75,000 coins

Function: Produce 1,800 coins every 36 hours. Adds 220 Castle Points.

Library Materials: 5 Stone Blocks, 8 Gold Bricks, 2 Candles

Castle Dungeon

castleville Castle Dungeon

Unlocked at: Level 18

Cost: 100,000 coins

Function: Produce 2,250 coins every 48 hours. Adds 260 Castle Points.

Castle Dungeon Materials: 6 Stone blocks, 11 Gold Bricks, 3 Iron bars

Wizard’s Keep

Unlocked at: Level 21

Cost: 150,000 coins

Function: Produce 3,000 coins every 72 hours. Adds 300 Castle Points.

Wizard’s Keep Materials: 8 Stone Blocks, 13 Gold bricks, 10 Down Feathers, 2 cogs

Opera House

castleville opera house

Unlocked at: Level 24

Cost: 200,000 coins

Function: Produce 3,150 coins every 84 hours. Adds 340 Castle Points.

Opera House Materials: 10 Stone Blocks, 18 Gold Bricks, 5 Candles

The Cathedral

castleville the cathedral

Unlocked at: Level 27

Cost: 300,000 coins

Function: Produce 3,250 coins every 96 hours. Adds 390 Castle Points.

Cathedral Materials: 12 Stone Blocks, 21 Gold Bricks, 1 Stained Glass, 10 Parchments


castleville Observatory

Unlocked at: Level 30

Cost: 500,000 coins

Function: Produce 3,550 coins every 120 hours. Adds 450 Castle Points.

Observatory Materials: 15 Stone Blocks, 22 Gold Bricks, 10 Ropes, 1 Angle Finder

Houses Guide


castleville cottage

Unlocked at: Level 1

Cost: 5 coins

Function: Gives 150 coins every 5 minutes.

Cottage Materials: 2 Wood Logs, 2 Stones


Castleville Chateau

Unlocked at: Level 9

Cost: 1,500 coins

Function: Gives 600 coins every 4 hours.

Chateau Materials: 20 Wood Logs, 20 Stones, 5 Wood Planks, 1 Coat of Arms (Ask Friends)


Castleville Villa

Unlocked at: Level 14

Cost: 1,000 coins

Function: Gives 400 coins every 1 hour.

Villa Materials: 8 Wood Planks, 8 Stone Blocks, 1 Bag of Nails, 2 Jugs of Lamp Oil (Ask Friends)


Castleville Farmhouse

Unlocked at: Level 19

Cost: 500 coins

Function: Gives 250 coins every 30 minutes.

Farmhouse Materials: 10 Wood Planks, 10 Stone Blocks, 1 Hammer, 3 Coat of Arms (Ask Friends)


castleville Manor

Unlocked at: Level 24

Cost: 3,000 coins

Function: Gives 1,000 coins every 8 hours.

Manor Materials: 20 Wood Planks, 15 Stone Blocks, 1 Bedding, 4 Spicy Cloves (Ask Friends).

Limited Time Buildings

Autumn Farmhouse

castleville Autumn Farmhouse

Unlocked at: Level 5 – available 22 November 2011 to 02 December 2011

Cost: 25 Crowns

Function: Gives 450 coins every 1 hour.

Autumn Farmhouse Materials: 20 Wood Logs, 20 Stones, 5 Wood Planks

Pumkin Villa

castleville Pumpkin Villa

Unlocked at: Level 5 - available 22 November 2011 to 02 December 2011

Cost: 45 Crowns

Function: Gives 1,100 coins every 10 hours.

Pumpkin Villa Materials: 20 Wood Logs, 20 Stones, 5 Wood Planks.

Note: You can get jug of lamp oil, coat of arms, gloom wolf pet by asking friends / neighbors.

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  • Doreen Rich:

    Why does cloth at the Tailor Shop take 1:12:31:17 and the Studio takes 2:30? This is the second time it said over 1 day.

    • Leon:

      Actually Tailor is a support craft building, just like blacksmith (gives bag of nails), fishery (gives bass). Tailor only gives you cloth after a period of time (1 day ++), that’s the way it works, it will automatically give you cloth without the needs of the item material, unlike studio which needs item materials to craft items.

      Hopes this will help you understanding more about the game :) .

  • Doreen Rich:

    We need a FIRE button like they have in Pioneer Trail … so that when you have tenders who don’t tend … you can FIRE THEM …
    The first thing I do when I visit is to tend the buildings I have applied to … HELLO PEOPLE .. MORE COINS 150 and UP
    My neighbors are not tending mine as they should and mine are not leveling up … *sigh*

    • Leon:

      Agreed.. some neighbor just forget that they are one of the royal building crew. But Zynga also needs to make it easier to notice whether we are a crew member or not when we visit a neighbor kingdom, not just when we hover to the royal buildings (which sometimes are hard to find..).

    • Glemma Clevenger:

      I agree!!

    • Cheryl:

      Only your neighbors can tend your royal buildings. When you recruit for your buildings, the request goes out to all your friends that play the game, even the ones who aren’t your neighbors. So go through each building, see who isn’t tending, check your neighbor bar and I bet you will find most of them aren’t your neighbors which is why they aren’t tending. Send those people a neighbor invite with a note that they are a tender in whatever building.

  • Glemma Clevenger:

    I would like zinga to make it so the same crew member can’t be on more than 3 or 4 different crews in the same kingdom. I try to make sure I tend the buildings I am on every visit, but I am on so many that sometimes that is all I can do, and I am on 6 in one neighbor’s kingdom! I also wish the beasties would be limited to a certain number of times they can appear, instead of sometimes back to back several times and take all your energy when you’re trying to get tasks done.

    • gardenfrek:

      Glemma – if you conjure 3 beasties somewhere in your kingdom (away from any buildings, crops or animals you want to harvest) and keep them there all the time then you won’t be bothered by any more beasties. The game is set up to only have 3 beast at the time in your kingdom until you reach the higher levels and then you’ll need to conjure 4 or more as you progress, I’m at level 24 and still only need 3. I conjured rats as they are the cheapest and easiest to kill when you get missions that ask you to kill beasties (you already have yours, you just kill them and then reconjure some more). The only problem is trying to keep your neighbors from killing them for you – I put mine in a fence and posted the “do not” signs around them. I still have to watch my visiting neighbors to make sure they don’t kill them but it’s such a pleasure not to be bothered by the rats popping up every time I harvest something. ALSO, I just saw a posting where they are coming out with a guard tower that will protect your kingdom from them – it’s already in the market but it’s locked right now – not sure when Zynga’s gonna release it. – hope this helps :)

    • Autymn D. C.:

      I’m in 11 for one of mine, behind on only a few.

  • Would it be possible to be able to shrink the kingdom down like you can in fv so that you can see all or most of someone’s kingdom at once? I forget where I have what buildings to tend and I have trouble moving the screen without tripping off another item that I hadn’t intended to tend or harvest.

  • Frans:

    Manor now costs something else than the Coat of Arms. I think it is the Cloves (same as in the Castleberry Punch Quest). Just FYI.

  • Guapa:

    What do I need to build an second Witch Tower? Please!

    • Leon:

      Witch tower cost: 8000 coins
      Witch Tower Materials: 15 Wood Logs, 5 Stone Blocks, 3 Wanted Posters (ask for friend)

      Will update the article soon :)

  • Thanks for this info, Leon (?). I’ve bookmarked it and use it frequently. :)

  • Mumford68:

    The information contained at this website is accurate, easy to understand and information that is hard to find even on the Zynga forums. Although I don’t entirely understand how you got so much detailed information, thank you very much for the time, research and effort that has gone into making and keeping it updated!!

  • kikay143:

    how come here it says, the butcher unlocks at level 32, but i see my neighbors that is lower than that and they have the butcher????

  • James:

    The Logging Camps also produce pixie dust at times.

  • jan:

    how do you get more beastie labs, i see some people have 4. I dont see them in the market.

  • Sharon:

    This site is a great help, thank you! I have had more than 5 or 6 beasties in my Kingdom at one time and they keep coming even after “3 at once”…is there something that has changed? Do they have to be the same ‘type’ of beastie?

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