In order to fend off hexes from the rest of your Kingdom you’ll need to craft some special Wards. Crafting these items will give you awesome rewards each time you craft enough to fill each Spirit Bar. See the short guide below for more details!

Castleville Curse Ward Spirit Bar Guide
For each Spirit Bar, you’ll need to craft a specific Ward to protect your Kingdom against that particular hex. Clicking on the Spirit Bar will bring up the window above, and show you which item to craft.

Castleville Spirit Bar and Reward

Castleville Wards to Craft and The Rewards

Complete the Spirit Bar in order to unlock the next item to craft and earn the next prize! See the Items below.
Craft 4 Bottles of Curse Begon – Crafted in the Kitchen

Craft 5 Font of Sweet Air – Crafted in the Workshop

Craft 6 Charm Candles – Crafted in the Studio

Craft 5 Mojo Bags – Crafted in the Studio

Craft 6 Good Luck Totems – Crafted in the Workshop

Craft 5 Bottles of Magical Mouthwash – Crafted in the Kitchen

Craft 4 Shining Orbs – Crafted in the Workshop

Craft 3 Voo-don’t Dolls – Crafted in the Kitchen

Castleville Ward Recipes

Castleville Bottle of Curse Begone Item Materials

Castleville Font of Sweet Air Item Materials

Castleville Charm Candle Item Materials

Castleville Mojo Bag Item Requirements

Castleville Good Luck Totem Item Materials

Castleville Bottle of Magical Mouthwash Item Materials

Castleville Shining Orb Item Materials

Castleville Voo-Don't Doll Item Materials


Q: Where can I find the Crypt that I earned?

A: This is stored under the Buildings section of your Inventory.

Q: Why can’t I craft certain Wards?

A: In order to craft the next Ward, you’ll need to craft enough Wards to complete the Spirit Bar of the previous one–this will unlock the next Ward to craft. Fill up the Spirit Bar to progress and earn more prizes!

Q: Where do I find out what Ward I need to craft, and which building to craft it in?

A: All you need to do is click on the Spirit Bar, which will bring up a window and show you what Ward to craft, and a Go to Crafting button to show you the correct Building. Also see the guide above for more information.

Q: My Spirit Bar disappeared! Where’d it go?

A: If you crafted enough Voo-don’t Dolls to earn the Crypt (found in the Buildings section of your Inventory), this should be the final Ward you’ll need to fully protect your Kingdom against curses. See the guide above for more information.

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