castleville frozen GeorgeFinally! It seems that George is coming in the next update, and we will have to help unfreezing him with the new quests: Where’s George Quest and Breaking the Ice Quest. Also, it looks like the Zynga Teams are getting creative, in the upcoming update they have created banners / flags that contains 1 character, which can be letters, number or a smiley BUT we’re still not sure what do we buy them with.. let’s hope it’s not crown :( . And for all the snow field haters (including us), ¬†looks like the snow will still be around for the next update. Now, here’re the new upcoming things:

Letters Banner:

Number Banner / Flag:

Smiley Banner:

New Winter Items:

Castleville Frozen Pond
Frozen Pond
Ice Chunk Material
Mink Pink
Mink White
Snow Shoes Material


Crystal Spire


Statue Gargoyle
Fire Rune Material
Carriage Ice
Super Mine Craftable
Pick In Stone
Snowy Treat Material
Snow Cone Stand


Lantern Winter


Beastie Yeti
Ice Pick Epic Craftable


Rock Ice
Fire Hammer Material
Rock Ice


Ice Pick Craftable


House Ice
Treasure Chest Ice


Tree Dead Ice
Statue Miner Ice
Torch Ice


Banner Letters Dolar



Weapon Rack
House Ice

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