Castleville Traveller From Afar Quest Mission GuideA new visitor, Eva has come to your Kingdom.Help Eva to start this questline. This quest only contains 3 missions and there’s an item reward for each mission. Short and nice quest :) .

Welcome Elves Bearing Gifts – Castleville Traveler From Afar Quest: 1 of 3

“My journey here took much out of me. I sure would certainly appreciate something to eat.”


  • Have 5 Milk Bottles for Eva to soak her travel-weary feet in.
    Tips: Click on Adult Cows or the Dairy Barn to find Milk.
  • Tend 5 Flowers, because flower petals are an important part of an Elf’s diet.
    Tips: Click on a Flower to tend it.
  • Make 2 Flaxseed Oil for Eva to wash down her meal with.
    Tips: Make Flaxseed Oil in the Kitchen.


“Oh, that was the perfect meal! What a gift! I hope you like what I have for you half as much!”

  • 1000 coins
  • 20 XP
  • Castleville Hyper Craft
    Hyper Craft

Keeps on Gifting – Castleville Traveler From Afar Quest: 2 of 3

“Will you be kind enough to show me the breadth and beauty of your Kingdom?”


  • Craft 2 Candles to help Eva appreciate the beauty of your Kingdom at night.
    Tips: You must have a Tailor in your Kingdom before you can make Candles in your Studio.
  • Fish in 5 Ponds to show off the unseen beauty of your Kingdom.
    Tips: Click on a pond or barrel to fish in it.
  • Carrots are sacred to elves. Harvest 8 Carrots to present to Eva.
    Tips: Plant Carrots and harvest them when ready.


“Taking the time to show me your Kingdom is something I won’t forget. I’m almost embarassed that I don’t have more to give you!”

  • 1000 coins
  • 20 XP
  • Castleville Energy potion
    Energy potion

What Elves Do Best – Castleville Traveler From Afar Quest: 3 of 3

“Before I begin my journey home, would you help me assemble a few gifts to present the Elven Council?”


  • Craft 3 Fishing Bait to give to Eva. You never know what you’ll catch with the right bait!
    Tips: Make Fishing Bait in the Workshop.
  • Visit 5 Neighbors to see if they have anything the Elven Council might like in their Kingdoms.
    Tips: Click on the Neighbor Bar below to visit Neighbors.
  • Mine 10 Stone, because you never know when you might turn up a gem of a gift!
    Tips: Click on Rocks in your Kingdom to Mine them.


“It breaks my heart to leave a new friend so soon. But, rest assured, I will return to see you very soon – bearing gifts!”

  • 1000 coins
  • 20 XP
  • Castleville Steel Sword
    Steel Sword

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