castleville storage cellar guideHi Castleville players, today there’s been an update in this game. Finally we can have a storage and Zynga also gave the kingdom with a Snowy outlook. Not all item can be put in storage though, but hey, better than nothing right :) ?  The storage cellar can be upgraded until it can hold up to 500 items. There’s no official guide yet from Zynga for the storage cellar,  so we’ll make it ourselves then :).

Some other changes that we found are:

  • Now you can send the christmas gift per 6 hours.
  • Extended time for Kris Kringle Quest.
  • Some new limited edition winter items.
  • New Kitchen Recipe: Castle Berry Punch.
  • New Gift Shoppe Recipe: Lazy Spring.
  • Three new quests coming: Duke Outta Time Quest, Duke Castle Berry Punch Quest and Kris Kringle Winter Vacation Quest.

Here’s a quick and short guide about how to use the storage cellar:

You can buy storage cellar at the market in the houses tab – special section. It costs 10,000 coins, and you need to be at least level 6 so you can acces the storage cellar.

castleville buy storage cellar in the market - house - special Tab

Place the storage cellar in your kingdom and now you need to construct it. The first level allow you to store up to 50 items. Materials needed: 15 Stones and 15 Wood Logs.

castleville storage cellar construction materials requirements

When you want to store an item, you can click the design menu and find the storage icon on the leftmost column, and click the icon.

castleville storage cellar design mode

Now you are in the storage mode, you can see your pointer have a small storage icon. Click on an item that you want to store, remember, currently there are some items that you can not put in storage. If you want to know whether an object can be stored or not, hover over the object while in storage mod, if it does not highlight, then you can’t store the item. Another thing, if you store a royal decoration item that gives castle point(s), you will also lose the castle points until you put it back to the kingdom. Now for example we want to store a pine tree, click on the pine tree and it will give you a message, click yes to store the item.

castleville storage cellar store item messae

Now what if you want to take out the item of storage and put it back in your kingdom? Simple actually, you just need to go to your inventory, and find the items that you have store in the new storage tab.

castleville storage cellar inventory - take out of storage

Just click use and you can choose where you want to put the item back in your kingdom.

Coming up next.. storage cellar upgrade requirement guide.

3 Responses to “Castleville storage cellar update and How to use Storage Cellar guide”

  • Cat:

    Love that they’ve put it storage. Upgraded mine to 100 items (need 3 coats of arms as an additional building item); unfortunately the storage icon on the design tab isn’t recognizing that I have a storage building. I stored 38 items, then the link wouldn’t work anymore. Probably a glitch that needs to get worked out with something so new. Wolf pelts are the extra item needed to get to 200 storage (5 of them).

    The occasional glitch aside, I love Castleville! Time to go check out the new snowmen!

    • Leon:

      Thanks for the info Cataryne :) , we have also made the upgrade guide. Hopefully there won’t be any troublesome glitch coming with this update >,<

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