castleville exploration crystalWhat is exploration crystal on castleville? Castleville exploration crystal is the special item you need when you want to expand your kingdom area. If you click on the dark area (Gloom Area), it will show all the requirements you need to have to fully explore the area.

Of all the things in there, crystal shard is one of the special materials, and it’s not quite easy to obtain. But no worries, we will give you some guide about how to get exploration crystals on castleville. Here are some of them:

Get exploration crystal from the limited gift reward link

castleville gift claimed

If you have not read our previous post about the castleville limited gift reward link, then by all means please go there and claim the reward. They are free and you can get up to 3 exploration crystals from the links. Nifty huh? :)

Craft The Exploration Crystal

castleville craft exploration crystal

This is the standard way of getting exploration crystal. You need to have a workshop to craft the exploration crystals. It takes about 1.5 hour to finish crafting one exploration crystal and you will need the crystal shard material. You can build more workshops to craft many exploration crystal at the same time. Don’t forget to put the workshop at least on the dirt courtyard to speed up the crafting time.

castleville workshop faster on dirt courtyard

Currently that’s the only way we know on how to get the exploration crystal. If you know other ways, please let us know. And last.. if you feel this post is helpful, please like our facebook page :) .

Note: On the happines meter page in Castleville official fanpage the exploration crystal name is expansion gem. They are the same, we think the zynga developers still arguing about the crystal name at that time :D

castleville get free expansion gem

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