castleville diamond materialDiamond is one of the item material needed to complete some Catleville mission like Rafael’s A Decent Proposal Quest (Good Times: 2 of 5) and Sonja’s Booty Quest (Treasure Hunt: 11 of 11). If you’re one of the lucky Castleville players, you might get one from Sonja Pick the Lock Quest (Treasure Hunt:10 of 11). If you still don’ t have a diamond and still confused on where to get diamond then you’re on the right place, in this guide we will help you about how to get diamond in Castleville. Before that, let’s review the quest first:

Here’s the diamond requirement in Sonja’s Booty Quest:

Castleville Sonja's Booty Quest (Treasure Hunt 11 of 11)

You need to have 1 diamond and sell it to complete the mission. You can sell 1 diamond for 1000 coins, and when you finish the quest you will get another 1000 coins.

And here’s the diamond requirement in Rafael’s A Decent Proposal Quest:

Castleville Rafael A Decent Proposal Quest (Good Times 2 of 5)

You just need to have 1 diamond for Rafael’s quest. Now remember, if you currently have both of the quest, and you only have / find 1 diamond (and don’t want to search further), you must complete Rafael’s mission first, and then complete Sonja’s mission. Do it the other way and you will need to get 1 diamond or pay 4 crowns.

Now let’s talk about how to find diamond in Castleville. Currently, aside from Sonja’s Treasure Hunt Quest, you can only get diamond from 3 items in Castleville, they are:

Mining Camp

castleville mining camp

By harvesting a mining camp, you can get a diamond, the chance is low though and you can only harvest a mining camp every 6 hours. But this is only happen if you harvest your own mining camp, not your neighbor’s mining camp. Other Item you can get by harvesting mining camp are: 5 stones, iron ore, silver ore and ruby.

Some Specific Rock

Castleville rock type that can give diamondCastleville rock that can give diamond

Only those 2 type of rocks above that can give you diamond, the other types will not give you diamond, we got this information from the castleville xml and also trying it out ourselves. The good thing is that you can harvest these rocks in your neighbor’s kingdom and still get the diamond. It’s time for a diamond hunting then :D . But please remember, don’t just ruin your neighbors’ place.. they might have buy / put the rocks in some place just to decorate it.. so please be considerate :) try not to destroy the rocks, maybe just left 1 more action for it.

We don’t have many lucks getting the diamond from Sonja’s Treasure Hunt Quest nor the mining camp, so we try hunting the diamonds in our neighbors’ kingdom. Here’s what we found:

 Castleville get diamond from rockCastleville find diamond from rock

We got 3 diamonds in about 15 minutes. Not bad considering that you might also get energy and alchemist powder while hunting the diamonds. Remember to harvest only the specific rock we told you above so you don’t have to waste your action on other rocks.

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