castleville crystal shardTo explore new area, you will need some requirements. One of the requirements is exploration crystals, which is quite a rare item. There are a few ways to get exploration crystal, and the most standard way is to craft it from the workshop and  you will need 3 crystal shards material to craft 1 exploration crystal. On this article, we will give you some guide about how to get crytal shards on castleville.

Visit and help your neighbor

When you get a chance to help your neighbour, please do it. You will get energy and alchemist powder by doing 5 actions in their kingdom, don’t worry the action you do will not substract from you character’s energy, they are different. And when your neighbor gets online, accepts your help and choose “dismiss and gift”, you will get 1 crystal shard. Usually you will be notified from the castleville inbox in the game about the crystal shard reward.

castleville get crystal shard from neighbor

Checkout your Castleville Facebook Feed

Remember to check your Castleville Facebook Feed to claim your gift, one of them is crystal shards. If you don’t know the link to your Castleville feed page then click this link. The feed will list all your neighbors’ share and gifts. They will share crystal shard every time your neighbors do a new exploration, find a new character or requests the crystal shard from the workshop menu.

castleville get crystal shard from feed

Kill Beasties / Enemies

When you kill the beasties like gloom rat or gloom wolf, you will have a chance to get a crystal shard. The chance is pretty low though, we only get 1 so far from killing maybe around 20 beasties. You can meet them when you’re doing some action in your kingdom or your neighbor’s kingdom.

Castleville Gloom Rat

Those are the current way on how to get crystal shards that we know of. If there are other ways we might miss, do let us know and we will update in the post.

Note: There are rumors that fishing can give you a crystal shard, but so far we have not get any from doing it. Either the chance is really slim or it stills a rumor.

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  • Rose Haynes:

    I just read above (How to get exploration crystal)that crystal shards are given after visiting a neighbor’s kingdom and completing 5 tasks. I have never received a shard for visiting my neighbors. I always get coins ans not very many. What’s the deal? I’ve been playing since the beginning but I’m new to online games. This is the first game I’ve ever played so I’m just learning.

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