chicken meat in castlevilleHi Castlevillers, we found that many of you still wonder /confused how to get a chicken meat or why do your chickens never give you chicken meat. Chicken meat is an item material needed for some quests like Rafael’s quest Woo Who (Stranger in the gloom quest part 4 of 10), and also item materal needed for some craft items. In this guide, we will help you on how to get your chicken meat and hopefully you won’t be confused anymore :) .

First thing to note is: The Castleville animals will always have 3 growth state: Baby – Mature / Youth - Adult. And usually only adult animal gives you a rare drop, and for this case, chicken meat comes from adult chicken.

Baby chicken

baby chicken in casteville

You can buy baby chicken from the market in the nature -animal tab. You will need to feed your baby chicken 6 times in order for it to reach mature state. You will need to wait for around 10 minutes between each feeds. Whenyou feed it you will usually get 5 coins and 1 exp.

Mature / Youth Chicken

mature chicken in castleville

Mature chicken’s feed and waiting time is the same like baby chicken (6 times and wait 10 minutes per feed). Mature chicken can give 10 coins, 1 xp, egg when you feed it. The posture of mature chicken is almost the same as adult chicken, but actually the size is different, mature chickens are smaller than adult chicken.

Update: Recently Zynga just has updated Castleville “Mature” State name to Youth.

Adult Chicken

adult chicken in casteville

Once your chicken reachs adult growth state, you can get chicken meat from them when you feed them, although you won’t always get it. You can get 15 coins, 1 xp, egg, chicken meat from feeding adult chicken.

adult chicken's item drop

Note: in Castleville, chicken meat comes from your adult chicken only, not from your neighbor’s chicken. So never ever hope to get a chicken meat whenever you feed your neighbor’s adult chicken.

Note: If you want to know about the other animals growth feed and what item material they give, then checkout our guide about Castleville animal growth feed plus item material loot.

4 Responses to “Castleville How to get Chicken Meat”

  • ang:

    how many times we got to feed those stupid chickens to get 1pc of meat to complete the quest?

  • byteme:

    It seems there is no answer to: How many times do you have to feed a chicken to get chicken meat – I don’t care how many times it takes to make an adult – Is it 100? 200 ? 500?

    • Leon:

      Hi byteme, sorry i edit your comment a bit.. once the chicken reach adult, every time you feed it, it has a small chance to drop a chicken meat. So we can’t tell you how many, there’s no exact numbers and it depends on your luck :(

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