Castleville cheat - how to finish quest faster / quicklyHi Castlevillers, currently there is a glitch in castleville that when you do it, you’re able to finish some active quests immediately and still get the rewards. It’s up to you whether you want to do this or not, but please remember: do this at your own risk.

Warning: Don’t Skip Alastair’s quests as it seems to be the main quest, especially when you need to craft the great hall.

As we told you before, this glitch only works on some quests only, here’s some condition that we’ve found:

  • The quest can be postponed.
  • There is no post to friends item as a requirement (fairy wings, mystery meat, etc)
  • You need to have the building where the requested item material can be crafted from (bubly grog - need kitchen, dye kit – need studio, tailor, etc)

Not sure whether there are other conditions.. but so far that’s what we found. Now here’s how to skip some quests instantly:

First, for example we use this Yvette’s quest If the shoe fits – Lovelorn Quest 7 of 14. Open the quest message box, and click the postpone button.

Castleville Yvette's quest If The Shoe Fits - Lovelorn Quest 7 of 14

After you click the postpone button, the quest will be gone from the sidebar, and if you want to get the quest again, you need to talk to Yvette (or the person who gives the quest) and accept it. However, DON’T DO IT NOW. Refresh your browser, and when the game still loading your kingdom’s item, immediately click the person who gives you the quest (in this case: Yvette).

Castleville cheat - How to finish some quest faster

When you click it, somehow, Rafael will come and help you to skip the quest :D .

Castleville Cheat - Rafael showed on postponed quest

Now you can accept the quest again, and… suddenly the quest finished, and you get the rewards. Thanks alot Rafael, you save the day :) .

Castleville cheat - Finish quests instantly

Note: As this glitch can only happen if the quest can be postponed, you can’t skip the Duke’s quests and Quinn’s quests.

Note: If the quest has item that needs you to ask friends / neighbors and you still do the cheat, sometimes it will finish the other requirement.

Note: Have you read the warning we gave you before? If not, we’ll tell you again: try not to skip Alastair quest, it might complicated your great hall progress and mess his whole quests.

Note: As this is a glitch, it’s only a matter of time on when will Zynga fix this. It’s up to you whether you want to abuse this glitch or not.

Note: again, Do this at your own risk!

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