Make sure you don’t have the maximum amount of the particular items in your inventory before clicking these links. If you get a message saying that All rewards have been claimed, there’s a possibility you still can get the item, check back your inventory in 10 minutes ++. If you get a message saying that you have reached your limit, then you can’t get more for now, come back in a few hours (around 8 hours+) and try again. When you click the links, try not to have the castleville game open in another tab / browser. These links will be expired in 2 days.

We have divided the item links by page now. Here they are:


258 Responses to “Castleville Free Item Links – Energy Potions, Alchemist Powder, Gold Brick, Purity Talisman and Crystal Shard”

  • jkdavies:

    yeay! thank you!

  • CatDeville Llewellyn:

    TYVM! Just some feedback – about the first 90 came up “expired” and it’s only the first, so same day. I spot checked those in batches, so it may not have been all of those.

    Most of the ones past 91 or 99 went through, but they aren’t coming up as energy bottles, they went straight into my energy balance – didn’t know it *could* do that, so don’t know if it will be there when I get around to being able to use the over 200 energy points which are now there. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, but I sort of expected them to be energy potions.

  • Eileen:

    Thanks so much!!! I was able to get 4 before I got to my limit. Any idea how ling I have to wait for the limit period to end?

    • Laura:

      I downloaded 400+ free energy from these links last night, they went straight to my energy bar, not my gift inbox. I returned to the site this morning and all the links I tried were expired. However It’s lovely to get something for free for a change!!

  • nevra:

    teşekkürler :) )

  • tracker:

    These don’t work for me. I click them, it says I got 10 energy, but they don’t show up in my energy bar. Darn! Thanks for sharing tho :)

    • Louise:

      Same thing happened to me. The ones numbered 1-25 showed up in game after claiming them, but the rest didn’t. I posted once before, but I guess my comment went into a black hole.

    • critter:

      same here….says I got the energy but doesnt show in game (yes, i know goes to energy bar) nothing there. I was able to collect # 1 and that was all I got credit for :( Thanks for doing this however!!! When they are working correctly I love then :)

  • tracker:

    I take that back, some of the ones in the middle worked for me, but the ones at the beginning did not :)

  • myhsplace:

    I’m not getting expired on the first four I tried but, although all of them said claimed succesful, none of them registered in game..

    85 & 86 did register in game, other last two did not.. Thank you for sharing these, worth the time trying even if some aren’t working right :)

  • myhsplace:

    These all worked and registered in game for me:

    11, 13, 16, 19, 21, 23, 24, 26, 29, 40, 41, 44, 48, 50, 53, 55, 56, 58, 59, 60, 79, 80, 82, 83, 84 ..

    the others said successful but, did not register.. THANK YOU again for sharing these..

  • Sheri:

    Thanks so much for the energy!

  • EGrace:


  • spms:

    Worked for me….Now one for crystals would be great.

  • Jeltje:

    Thanks for posting new ones! I tried a lot of the links yesterday, managed to get some, but most links were expired. Today I got 4 out of 4 before I got too many :-)

  • hooray! can’t wait to do this again tomorrow for more energy! hope these stay up for a while!

  • Johanne:

    said: Whoa, friend! You’ve reached the collection limit for now. Try again later.

  • Laura:

    thanks so much for the energy, it’s a fantastic bonus and much appreciated :)

  • CatDeville Llewellyn:

    Thanks again for the links. This time the energy didn’t register in game unless I went *all the way in* which means it took a lot longer to collect this time, but certainly worth it.

  • Keith:

    Very odd – I click on the links and get the energy window to pop up however nothing gets added to my energy bar. Anybody else having this issue?

    • Leon:

      Keith, we’re still trying to find the cause of that, since some people can get them while others can’t.. Did you open these links while playing the game on another tab?

      • Mike:

        I found something interesting that may help explain this, or maybe not. I was having the same problem – being told I got 10 energy, but then it not adding to my energy bar. I noticed that I had other browsers open, besides just the window going to the energy links – CastleVille being one of them. I tested and closed all other windows, and tried – I successfully got 4 links to work out of an additional 9 that said I got +10. While it’s not much to go on, it might help…cookie sessions, temp files being stepped on, Zynga’s active session denying the gift…. Just some thoughts based on my experiences. I have been getting the “Whoa Friend” since those tests yesterday evening, so I’ll try later, or toss cookies and see if that helps.


        Mike Jest

      • Cory:

        Energy links are tricky, At times i have to not only have to actually click on the energy link but also click on play again before it will be added to my energy pool. Ive found that also if you are sitting at a number around 40 its less likely to actually show up in your energy, Small hint dosent work all the time but sometimes, is to use one energy from your pool before your collect another ten, And also get others to link it to your page and it has a habit of resetting the amount of energy you can recieve, :) hope some of these ideas work for ya but dont quote me on the possible solutions to get the links working like i said its hit and miss with me

  • CatDeville Llewellyn:

    OK, have to take that back… only the first couple went in game – got 20 pts, then it stopped. I’ll try again a bit later. Will try using up the first 20 then coming back for more also – see if that works. Last time it just gathered all the energy.

    • Leon:

      Thanks for the info Cat.. just now we did a random check (#55, #46, #38) they still add energy to the energy bar..

      • CatDeville Llewellyn:

        Thanks for doing the test Leon… the ones I had problems with were in the First and Second batches (1-8; 9-16) IIRC, everything past 16 registered just fine. :) Sorry I couldn’t give you fuller information so that you could reproduce.

  • CatDeville Llewellyn:

    Update – OK, so look like some are registering in game, some are showing that you got the energy but aren’t registering in game.

    • Yes, I’m having the same problem I get things and they don’t register. I made 2 kegs never got it. I have been sent many gifts of chards I don’t see it I went to the page to get free things I never got them. Now today the first time i see Gold Bricks; I clicked told me I have responded to this already this is the first time I ran into this. Another Question, How do I get crowns besides leveling up? I have none. Thanks for listening. :)

  • jen:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Thank you for the energy! Might just plant grapes all night lolol!

  • cr4ck3dn:

    All links works!Tested.
    Total energy on bar: 405.
    Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cr4ck3dn:

    Refresh game if you want to see energy claimed! ;)

  • toffe:

    Thanks so much for energy

  • charlene:

    thank you so much :) i got 300 plus energy :) really helped me to level up and do so much things in my kingdom.. Thanks to the maker/s of this link :)

  • charlene:

    can u also make a glitch for coins and crowns? thanks a lot..

  • Lesley:

    Thanks for all these freebies – I manage to get about half that I click on – been playing and clicking all day as I had about 120 to use up, just in case they expire – I am on a ‘time’-out’ at the moment so hope I can get some more before bedtime. Would be really super if this worked for the crystals as well. Thanks for sharing :o )

  • Johan:

    Got 4 that worked before I hit the collection limit. Been collecting other stuff before today, so I don’t know what that limit might actually be.

  • jackie:

    i just wanted to THANK YOU……… i have tried others free energy but no others work……. my first visit was yesterday and was excited to get over 350. but didnt realize how quick they can go……….. glad there is more.. i honestly hate game with energy but this makes me want to play more…. thank you

    btw, for those who dont think it works.. close out your browser then re open it.. i thought the same thing and was REALLY surprised at my amount…… lmao

  • Louise:

    The 50 More at the bottom of the page tell you you’ve been awarded them but when you get back to your kingdom they aren’t added to your total energy and aren’t in the consumables either. It was nice to get the ones from 1-25 though.

  • J@de:

    I love it!! I was almost quitting Castleville, like I did Frontrierville, just because waiting for energy is awfull!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  • toffe:

    don’t worked

  • vonder:

    links don’t seem to work today. you get the message saying that you’ve been awarded energy, but when you actually play the game no energy was added to the bar. tried restarting browser, etc.

    • Leon:

      thanks for the info Vonder, can you try #26-34?
      we’re still not sure why it’s working for some, while it’s not working for others..

  • Jen:

    cant get any to work at all…it says successful but doesnt show up in game!

  • dianne:

    thanks so much for posting these :)

  • Linda:

    thanks, helped a lot of my neighbours

  • Jackie:

    Thank you

  • Angela:

    Not working for me.

  • Angela:

    Thanks…..I love this!!!

  • skcatlady:

    it worked the first time i used it, but now it says i got it all, try again later, how much later? some i cicked did’t go to the game but others did.

    • Leon:

      What is the message when you get it at the second time? if it’s saying about at limit, then you still need to wait.. not sure the exact time for that though.. :(

  • CatDeville Llewellyn:

    appreciate this…. oddly I’m now getting “Collection Limit has been reached” after 40. Got the same thing last night. Weird.

  • why can’t i get reputatie harts i work by my neigbors but i don’t get heart

    • Leon:

      You will not always get reputation points when you work on your neighbors object.. if you are a crew of a royal building that your active neighbors have, try to tend them, most likely you will get 2 reputation hearts. Hopes this help :)

  • CatDeville Llewellyn:

    Thanks again for this… ya’ll are helping to keep me in eggs & butter, and veggies to cook stuff. :)

    More feedback… Zynga’s day starts at 0:00 Zulu, so I think that perhaps the “Collection Limit” resets at that time (which happens to be 4 PM EST I believe) and includes all energy collected from all sources, including these click thrus and what’s sent to you. I was able to collect more energy after 4 PM CST.

    However seems the links are going in-game erratically again. I got 40 points of energy from 9-16, but only 10 points total from 17-28, even though all said that they were successful. I haven’t proceeded past that tonight, but thought I should let you know.

    Regardless of these glitches, I want ya’ll to know how grateful we are that you bother to gift us with these energy links. It *REALLY* has helped my play a lot and I’m grateful whether the free energy is 10 points or 10,000. :)

  • toffe:

    thanks again

  • tks very much for the energy was going to quit …couldn’t get anywhere …so I’ll try again,,hope this keeps working:)

  • Jade:


    Just tried the new 23 ones. All went to the window that I gained 10 energy. When I went to play, I’d only gained 80 energy, not 230.

    Not complaining, just wanted to let you know.

  • Geri:

    I’d like to ask what’s going on with the energy – I got only first four and on the fith it said “Whoa, friend! You’ve reached the collection limit for now. Try again later.”
    I last played ten and a half hours ago but I last collected anything about 20 hours ago.
    So are there any limits and what are they?

  • jackie:

    :( the first day worked great. last 2 days i have tried i am getting nothing… :( … thanks for trying…..

    • Leon:

      Jackie, when you tried this, did you still have the game on another tab? If so, the next time you try it, please close the game. We usually tried the links before we post here (not all, so we can check later if something happen to the links), and they are working at that time. Anyway, thanks for the feedback :)

      • jackie:

        yes i close out all and just have this up…. will try again later and see what happens… i do appreciate it but now im HOOKED…. lmao

      • jackie:

        nope it doesnt like me….. says collection is reached… i have more then one acct and more then one browser and none are working… will try after 4 maybe…. thanks again.

  • frogsut:

    this ROCKS!!!! thank you so much

  • Jamesville:

    Thankyou so much for this !! all the links worked brilliant!! instead of the ‘normal’ 25 energy, i have just over, 500 energy…will last me a good day or 2 now, thanks! keeps ‘em coming

  • linda:

    thank you so much!!!

  • MJ:

    Thanks for the help !!!!You ROCK !!!!!

  • Judy:

    Awesome…I collected ALL of them……..YAY and THANK YOU :) ))))

  • Aviator:

    It don’t work, trying every day but nothing :( :(

  • katie skeoch:

    I’m getting none of them :( have closed browsers & cleared all the cookies, tried refreshing too. Says I have claimed 10 energy on each link but when I go to play the game it’s not added any

    • Leon:

      Hi Katie, can you try the new links and give us feedback? Those are fresh links created < 3 hours.. we have tried some of them and they do add.. hopefully they will do the same for you :)

  • Him Katz:

    Thanks a lot for your post

  • rick:

    I can only ever get 4 of em… tried with game open and with it closed.
    whoa .. you have reached your limit.
    come back next day .. same error.
    you post a new link.. i get 4 only,, then whoa….

    is there anything i can do to take advantage of all of em.
    tried firefox and IE..
    cleared cookies, cache and history… same thing.

    • Leon:

      Some people can get 200+ energy while others can get only 40 at a time, and some even didn’t get any energy >,<

      We’re still not sure the proper way to get them all, but for our case we got 40 today (with both 2 acc) until the limit hit while yesterday we got around 250. And please understand that Zynga is always updating the game, so there could be changes made on how we received the energy. But since some people still can claimed 200++ energy, we still provide more links, and we always test some of the links before we posted in here, so the links should work at the time we posted it.

      • CatDeville Llewellyn:


        We appreciate ya’ll continuing to give the links. I’ll continue to try and give feedback if it’s helpful, but I think most of us understand that it’s probably a number of factors with how Zynga has things set up in their code. They probably have different triggers that some of us are hitting, because I’ve gotten different results (and i always close my game tab when I start using these links, just so that you know.) *In the past* Some times I got 10 energy. Sometimes it says I got the 10 energy but it didn’t go in-game, and I can’t figure at all what constitutes the “collection limit”.

        So thanks again for more links! And I certainly understand if you can’t find the problem factors when the behavior is so erratic that you can’t reproduce it.

  • alpine:

    Yeah.. even i got only 4 today with the new links.. even yesterday there were only 4… Before that i used to get like 100+ or something like that.. And also when the “Whoa, friend” message came it is taking like 12+ hours to again regain the oppurtunity to collect any items.. This is too bad…. I am missing all the free energy :(

    One point i would like to add is.. May be if ur energy bar is more than the limit at the time of claiming the free energy, u might be getting more energy like 200 or so… But if u have already reached the limit of energy and then go to claim the free energy it might be stopping us to collecting only 40 ..This is just my opinion.. Dont know if this is true.. anyways.. thanks for posting energy links… Atleast something is better than nothing right guys..

  • rick:

    for sure, thanks for posting the links,, works for some not for all
    but better than nothing :)

  • Jeff:

    I wonder if there is some type of staggered timer.

    When I first found this great site and used these links I was able to get a great deal of the energy (~250+) until I hit the “you have reached…” message.

    Then I waited about 6-8 hours to try again but I was only able to get the first 4 I clicked on. This happened to me every time afterwards only allowing me to grab the first 4 clicked.

    Then just last night after roughly 2 days since my last large batch I was able to get almost 500+ energy till I got the message. When I tried later (6-8 hours) all I was able to get was the first 4 again.

    • Leon:

      Thanks for the info Jeff, can you help to confirm when you get a large batch again later? So we can try to check if this theory is correct.

    • Jade:

      The same happened to me today. Only could collect 4 before “collection limit” hit. I tried twice and only got 4 at a time – and waited a good 10 hrs in between tries. Yesterday I got two big loads of 33 and 25. I’ll wait longer to see if it resets this time.

    • Tul:

      I also was fortunate the first couple of times, however, now All I can seem to get is 40 and I’m done for the day – it’s been that way since Tuesday

  • Max:

    Seem to be expired now… :-(

  • Sue M:

    I’ve noticed that if I wait until I spend all my energy, that I have better luck getting them to work. Not sure if others have noticed but in past days most weren’t adding to my energy. Thanks for posting them.

  • Johan:

    Got 4 of the 6 new ones before I reached the limit.

    Thanks a lot for helping out! :)

  • Trudy:

    Thank you so much for this! I have actually had forward motion in my game now! Again, thank you. Very Awesome.

  • Patti L:

    Whoa! got all the energy in one try, just took a bit to click each one, close the tab, (tab that opened for the energy bonus) click the next, close the tab, click the next….etc,etc….thank you might get something done now. just wish it did not take so long to visit for us that don’t have many neighbors…..just saying…thank you soooooo much.

  • jackie:

    okay not working again… i am noticing though… on some accounts i am not able to see cv posts or post.. its not blocked and no one know whats wrong. maybe this is the problem????? quiting cv because i cant get the feeds to work… farmville does but just not castleville. any suggestions?? help?????

  • Pippa:

    Thanks heaps for these links!! Sadly now days I can only collect 4 at a time but its still brilliant!

    Well done :)

  • rick:



    I found something out ! dont know if you already know . But I wanna share with you ! You notest that not all energie goes to your fatm , I found out how to get all links in your farm ( till you hit limit of course then it stops ) I open the links and I refresh the page from the link again and again till it says that I already got that link, and when it says I already have it I go check and YES now the same link wat was give nothing did count now !!! Hope you understand my bad English, but Im happy all links count for me now on the meter !!!!!

  • TYVM!!!!!! With the new Beasties Quest this energy comes in very handy :)

  • Heather:

    All of them worked for me today! TYVM!

  • jackie:

    thank you so far the first 8 worked……….. but now i cant get fv or cv feeds…. anyone know how to get the things we need or the quests? i cant even post…

  • Jenny:

    I have clicked on about 7 links and did not receive any yesterday, i am just going to try now, i have received energy straight to my bar when these first became available, but the last 3 days, i have not received from every click!

  • CatDeville Llewellyn:

    OK… I am getting erratic results today. On some links I’m getting the points in game on the first try. In others I’m not getting the points in game, at least not on the first try. On a few I’m getting the points in game on the third try, which looks like the same kind of FB glitch.

    Leon, I’m keeping a spreadsheet of my results today. If you would like a copy of that to help ya’ll try and debug things, please drop me an email. If you can’t access my email through your site where I registered and can post yours in a reply (or one I can use), I’ll be glad to forward you a copy of the spreadsheet when I’m done testing.

    Again, thanks for all your hard work!

  • CatDeville Llewellyn:

    **RECOMMENDATION** – I’m now pretty consistently getting success on multiple attempts. This is what’s working for me to get the energy to go in game:
    Click on the link. After you get the confirmation page. Close the page (It comes up in a separate tab for me, so I just close that tab), then click on the link again until you get the “You already responded to this reward” message. That message means that the energy finally went in game. Continue until you get the message that says you’ve reached your collection limit. Once you get the collection limit message, note where you stopped so that you can pick up there when you come back. We still haven’t figured out when the “collection limit” resets but I recommend trying again after 12 midnight Zulu (4 PM EST I think) or in at least 4-6 hrs.

  • Jade:

    To everyone having trouble…

    When it loads to the point where it shows the “Gift Claimed” box, however the surrounding picture with Yvette does not show, that means that they did not work.

    • Jade:

      Just to add… The energy from “Six Six Six” is not taking. I got one to go, but it took 4 tries.

    • CatDeville Llewellyn:

      Hmmmm… interesting idea, Jade… I’ll test that as well. ~ Thx, Cat

    • Leon:

      yeah, this is also interesting theory Jade, however just a minor correction, when the surrounding pic with Yvette does not show, doesn’t mean they always won’t work, but possibly can increase the chance of getting the energy. This is because we usually close the page before the Yvette pic shows up, but we still get the energy.. thanks alot for the info Jade.

      • CatDeville Llewellyn:

        I didn’t actually find any connection with the picture showing or not. Since I was testing, I always let it complete, and the picture always showed, but the energy didn’t go in-game just because the picture showed. So I don’t see any connection, sorry.

        • Leon:

          For us, it’s the other way around, once we see the message, we just close it or click the play button (depends on the testing), rarely we let the picture complete. However, most of the time it still works (giving energy). Actually it’s not a matter of the picture showing or not, but about this: maybe there’s a communication lag between Zynga server and our provider or maybe the fb server? so it’s better to wait until the picture is fully loaded. But that’s just a theory though.. anyway thanks for your feedback Cat :)

  • critter:

    found that these work when I have full energy only!!!!

  • jackie:

    thank you not sure how many went through but i got a lot of you collected this time………..
    i wish there was away to get other things. i cant read the feed walls and i need these to play this game…. anyone know if there is any other things out there… alchamist powder. i think, scales etc. thanks AGAIN!!!

  • I was lucky enough to get 301 energy/\. Wish there was a way to get Crowns.

  • Johan:

    Just got 10 energy out of the first link from the 16 Jan update but the pic of Yvette did not load. I also did not have full energy.

  • Love this-thankyou so very much.

  • Tula:

    I’ve refreshed game, closed browsers, reopened, ONLY had link up and when it says I get the energy – I still have to “play Castleville” to get it to add directly to my bar.
    I am only allowed to get 40 energy a day. Thanks for trying!

  • Kim:

    Thank you so much for your hard work. I am a daily player at level 26, seems like there is never enough energy to finish what needs to be done.

  • Jeff:

    I just clicked on all the links using Microsoft Explorer and I got all the energy you posted. Thank you very much.

  • Lucky:

    Thanks for all you posted

  • Tammy:

    Thanks for the energy again…makes the game more fun this way…you can play longer…without having to wait for more energy to build up…

  • karen:

    last two nights only able to get 40 energy. tonight I got 350 before I ran out of clicks….. lol…. love it! thanks

  • Tom:

    I just got 40 = 400 Woohooo!!

  • evagelia papadaki:

    thank you!!!!229 energy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erin Marfongella:

    The energy only lets me get 4 a day, no matter how much time I leave in between, my husband got ALL of them, no problem?? The gold bricks did not work for me.

  • jane:

    I am never able to get more than 40 energy total, however, any free amount is very nice! I did get 8 gold bricks, though. How very, very nice! Thank you so much!

  • Mandi:

    Feedback for the gold bar links: I just clicked all of the gold bar links, They all told me they had already been claimed and I got no gold bars.

    Thanks for posting:)

  • Mandi:

    And now, The gold bars have started showing up in my inventory! :) yay, it just took 10 mins for it to register as being there.

  • ginnyforever:

    80 energy.. and 0 goldbricks (25 minutes later)

  • Misty:

    Feedback for the gold bars…. Links said they had already been claimed, and I never received them after 20 mins… :( But love this idea, free things are awesome! Keep up the great work!!

  • vonder:

    no luck on the gold bars for me; checked back after 15 min and my inventory count is still the same as before I clicked the links

  • CatDeville Llewellyn:

    Gold Bars Feedback: I got “All Rewards Have Been Claimed” and got no bars. Checked after 10 mins. as requested – still no bars. Sorry :( Sad – I really need them, too, to build the royal building required for the new expansion area… having trouble getting alchemical powder and the beastie quest is taking forever, so the fact that you’re working on this is *REALLY* appreciated. Those 8 bars would have given me enough to get my first opera built. Looking forward to when you get it working :)

    OH! And I was able to get 300+ energy yesterday from the links… thanks again for all your hard work.

  • Tammy:

    I clicked on all the gold bars and it said already claimed…but after even a half hour they have not showed up in my inventory…was hoping to get some more energy today..but only 40…thats good but have more work to do…got rid of the yeti now need to explore…Thanks again

  • Angela:

    I wanted to let you know that the gold bars are not working…..thanks for posting them.

  • Lisaann:

    Gold bars did not work for me. Th energy usually works for me but today the page will not load all the way there is not picture. I have restarted my computer and i am having no problems anywhere else but still no picture for me. strange. thank you to for all the free energy I have enjoyed in the past.

    • Jenelle Tabor:

      Same here. All gold bars already claimed. Page loads for the energy links… but no picture and nothing in my bar. I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox, and IE. I’ve cleared my cache, allowed cookies, and disabled Adblocker. Nothing seems to work. I had no problem the last couple of days, using Chrome(thank you very much). I don’t know why it won’t work today. :(

  • jackie:

    none worked…. like lisaann my page would not load all the way… will try again….. wish these would work for me….. lol or at least be able to get the cv feeds to show up somethings.. lmao

  • ben:

    no energy and no gold bars :(
    thanks for the great links though, love the energy and gold bars would be great too!!!

  • Debbie:

    FYI The energy is coming up Reward data is missing. Also the gold bars did not work for me or after 10 minutes. .

    Thanks for posting all this great stuff for us

  • Kristina:

    Won’t let me claim the energy or gold bars. The energy links are saying missing game data…. and the gold bars are saying already claimed… :(

  • Angela:

    The energy is not working for me either….It now says Reward Data Is Missing.

  • Jane:

    Gold bars did not work and the energy comes up with Reward Data is Missing.
    I just found you guys and I love you – please fix.

  • jackie:

    Reward Data was missing mine tooooooo lol

  • Rick:

    it now says reward data missing or not loading at all. hope you can fix it thanks

  • Leon:

    @All, Zynga has patched the 10 Energy Links, so for now we’ll use +3 energy links until we find another way.

  • anna:

    all 3 energy rewards have been claimed

  • Linda:

    So sorry that zynga killed ya links.. thanks for all the help tho, it was much appreciated by many.

  • charlene:

    data reward was missing :’(

  • toffe:

    son’ work

  • CatDeville Llewellyn:

    Sorry… no love on the +3 energy potions either… “All Rewards Have Been Claimed” and no potions appearing in game.

    Thanks for continuing to try, though! We do appreciate it!

  • Tammy:

    Yeah real bummer nothing working…nor yesterday for me….:(

  • Elma:

    no luck for me! all rewards had been claimed…hope you can fix this thanks.

  • anna:

    all been claimed again

  • Lisaann:

    Yeah this use to work for me but it is comming as all rewards have been claimed. bummer. just wanted you to know

  • Betty:

    I am getting the “All Rewards have been claimed” on these today.

    • Leon:

      be sure to check your inventory in 10 minutes and hopefully you will get the potions.. no guarantee though :(

      • Betty:

        I checked after 10 – 20 minutes and still no energy. Same thing today. Thank you for trying though. Hopefully this will get worked out soon.

  • dralou:

    The links worked for me, even if it was the (now usual) page saying that all rewards had been claimed.

    thank you so much for your help, the lack of energy in this game is really alienating.

  • says i reached level but i got none, i need some so bad, thanks for the try

  • Nihilistics:

    It worked for 4-5 times.After that message read “Reward Data Was Missing” for 10 energy & “Whoa, friend! You’ve reached the collection limit for now. Try again later” for the 3 energy links.

  • all rewards claimed didn’t get any AGAIN!!! been trying for 2 days. thanks for

  • Jane:

    Must have gotten here too late – every link I click says all rewards claimed

  • Chili:

    No good still. Thanks for trying though.

  • Linda:

    Not working on the 3 energy but thanks for trying.

  • Tammy:

    The links are still not working…guess I wont be playing much today…thanks again for trying

  • received 1 number 9, rest were claimed, on the 3 energys received 9-12 but they came up as 1 energy then reached limit, gold bars were all claimed, same as powder. but I do thank you..

  • None of these links have worked for 3 days–before that I was able to get up to 4 energy supplies. 1st they said I had reached my limit for 2 days–nnow they are saying the links are all gone. Any solution for this??

  • Johanne:

    Not working ”Whoa, friend! You’ve reached the collection limit for now. Try again later ”

  • Sue M:

    Thank you for the links, I check them each day but they haven’t worked for me this week at all. But I’ll keep trying!

  • CatDeville Llewellyn:

    Thanks again for trying. +1 Energy potions are getting “Reward Data was Missing”. +3 Energy, Gold bricks & Alchemist powder all gave “All rewards have been claimed” – I got none of the +3 energy in game, *18* of the Alchemist’s powder (yeah!), and *1* gold brick?

  • Lesley:

    I tried most of them – got nothing – I was beginning to think it was my pc at fault – seems its the same for everybody – I’ve not been able to claim anything for 3 days, just as it was getting interesting with all those freebies :o )

  • linda:

    i used the explorer and mozilla no difference. still no energy..will check in tho every day.. thanks mate

  • Jane:

    Well – this went south fast – still nothing – and the stingy amount zynga gives sucks.

  • J@de:

    Well, what is good don’t last… never got more…

  • Erin Marfongella:

    I haven’t been able to get anything for several days. The message I keep getting is reward data is missing….

  • kim:

    I was able to get 2 energys before I got the “whoa you reached your limit”… thanks for trying :-)

  • A Miller:

    I understand the new procedure to keep auto clicks away but it was a lot of work and I got nothing for my efforts. So sad because it worked really well when it was adding the 10 energy to my status bar. Still thankful for what I’ve already received but wish it would go back to what it was about a week ago.

    • CatDeville Llewellyn:

      Same here… *HATE* Captcha! This increased the amount of work needed to attempt to get the resources *considerably*, and in the end I got nothing. {Sigh!}

  • krienstra:

    whats this safelinking? Now we have to enter codes for each energy link? And then get told all energy has been claimed? Really lame.

  • charlene:

    i was redirected to this site after i clicked the link @ and it says that the link in this package is unknown.. thanks for trying.

  • Frans:

    New links work perfectly fine. Thanks!

  • jackie:

    please no “safelink” this is a pain and very time consuming…… i know you want to stop “bots” but please dont punish the rest of us… thanks appreciate all you do

  • jackie:

    The links in this package are unknown. this is the message i am receiving when putting in the codes.. wont even try anymore thanks.

    • Leon:

      i think you read it wrong, it’s the status that is unknown, scroll down a bit and you will find the links :)

      anyway, we’ll stop using safelink on the next update.. seems like the result is still the same >,<

  • Jade:

    When do you guys update the page? Every since switching from 10 energy, the only message I’ve gotten is “all rewards claimed.”

  • have been trying for days since I came upon these wondeful freebies, but I cant seem to get any at any time of the day or night time so frustrating. I’ll keep trying or clobber my pc with a epic Ice pick..just saying

  • Leon, why does it say reached collection limit for 2 days now and I haven’t been able to collect any? I have tried differant times of day, emptied my inventory, emptied energy, full energy, closed all tabs, refreshed, etc nothing works.

  • Lesley:

    From the first click ‘all have been claimed’ – can’t get anything and tried quite a few :o (

  • went threw each one, all said all rewards claimed. I went ahead and refreshed each one anyway, now I’ll check back in 10min or so to see if
    they are there. truly thankful for your work. just WISH i could get some.
    trying for 3 days now…
    again Thank You!

    • received 8 when I went back and checked, received 5 more later, although they did go into my inventory. very excited to get some finally.
      Thank You Team

  • Sue M:

    I Appreciate the links but for some reason none have worked for me all week. Does changing browsers help?

  • MJ:

    When I first seen this about a week ago they worked but now I can’t collect any :(

  • cheryl:

    It always tell me that all rewards have been claimed. :(

  • linda:

    3 energy links working for me, thank you

  • Jane:

    None of the links work – 4 days now – guess this was good while it lasted.

  • CatDeville Llewellyn:

    Just more feedback… this time positive!

    While it *LOOKS* like the links aren’t working, and I had nothing in my inventory even an hour or two after I clicked the links, for the last two days I have seen +3 energy (15, which is the max) and gold bars showing up in my inventory *the next morning* when I wake up. So I’m not sure how long it’s taking these to process and arrive, but they *DID* eventually arrive, which was a *WONDERFUL* surprise, and has allowed me to both restock my larder, *AND* to build my 2nd opera house and my 1st cathedral. If this keeps up, I might be able to open that final exploration area within the next week. WHOO HOO!

    Thanks so much for staying diligent on this folks… your work is greatly appreciated and allows for more enjoyment of the game (whereas Zynga’s restrictions lead to massive frustration for those of us without the cash to pay for crowns. :)

    Thank you again!

    • Kathy:

      And, because I believe they are doing this to get us to buy the energy, I will just stop playing and go to another non-Zynga game. Bottom line.

  • Tammy:

    Sometimes they work…ya just gotta click on them and hope that some of them post to your account.

  • charlene:

    hello everyone! the free goldbricks works for me, even it says “sorry all rewards have been claimed” i checked my inventory i was surprised that i already have 28 goldbricks, supposedly i only have 3 after crafting in my workshop.. Thank you so much! U done so much help. :)

  • tasss:

    i got the reward once only then i didnt get it….how am i suppose to do now to get the reward…..

  • Tammy:

    Yep I got some gold bricks too…and some energy…Thanks again…

  • Mary J:

    Just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all that you do to help all of us. All these new limits in Castleville are getting to be a pain. With out your help on the energy (even though sometimes we might not get them) alot of us wouldn’t be at the level we are now, cause of the limits of gifts or request that you can fill and send.So Thank you one again. P.S It would also be great if you could work on a free Iron Bar link for all of us, 9 hours to craft that item and for the quest that I am on it takes 10 of them.

  • Kathy:

    Since Zynga “closed the gap” for the 10 energy, I have been unable to retrieve anything! The only thing I get is that all rewards have been claimed or, for gold, I had already tried that link or all rewards have been claimed. It is so frustrating, but I am so appreciative that you put this out there. I just wish they would give us the links back for the 10′s. I never gave me all I requested, but I was so appreciative for what I received that it didn’t matter!

    Thank you for trying to put this out there for us. We do appreciate it!!!

  • I never receive any of the freebiees…always says I reached my limit…What is up with that….I have none and could really use some…haha

  • Jade:

    I was able to get 9 gold bricks today – so thanks! Tried the energy – the links said received the reward, but they never showed up (it’s been over an hour). The 10 energy was the last I could receive – but it certainly helped the beastie quest. Thanks for trying!

  • Lucy:

    Thanks! I clicked on the links yesterday and my energy did not show up until this morning. It took longer than expected but at least its there now.

  • anna:

    i have a new quest turn up today which isnt on your site its called miner problems

    1 of 6
    have 8 regal hoes
    harvest 20 cocoa
    collect from viking cave

  • CatDeville Llewellyn:

    These have been appearing in my inventory hours later, but they are definitely working for me, at least more often than not. With your help I’ve built my two opera houses, and one Cathedral, and been able to expand into the last expansion territory (and got those 3 backpacks!) and I’m coming close to the inventory limit for gold bricks, so I’ve got enough gold bricks for the next Cathedral as well. This type of progress would have taken me months the way that Zynga has the game balanced! I’m actually playing at what seems to me a reasonable pace now! Thanks again for doing this!

  • Sir:

    Are you guys going to update the links ? they have been not working / used up for days? these links are the only thing that make this game worth playing.

  • Thomas:

    I haven’t been able to get any posts to work for me in over 2 weeks now.

  • Pippa:

    Wow “Sir” how rude!!!!! These people have supplied us a brilliant service, at their time and expense!! How RUDE of you to expect them to fix something you are getting for FREE in a hurry just for you!!

    People like you are what wrecks these wonderful bonuses for the rest of us!! STFU and go find another site to deliver this wonderful service to you.

    SO rude and ungrateful!!

    Thanks guys so much for every great help you have supplied, well done!

    • yelsha:

      Wow, overreact much, Pippa? “Sir” asked a legitimate question with no mention of “hurry”.

      People like you are what’s wrong on the Internet. Calm down, walk away from the keyboard and go for a drive or something.

      So rude of you to attack unprovoked.

      The people here have given us a fantastic service and to them I say: I’d like to apologize for Pippa’s behavior. It’s not indicative of the rest of us denizens of the Internet. Keep up the good work, guys!

    • Neirti:

      There was nothing rude about that post, he simply asked if the links would be updated, they haven’t worked for a lot of us since the change. We all appreciate what this site does for us, you’re the one that lost your temper and went off on another poster. I think you need to take a step back and reevaluate whom is bringing down the good vibes here.

  • Dalia:

    I can’t get any! update pls! I sure need a lot of gold bricks :( … pls pls pls! :)

  • linda:

    Thanks you for the 3-energy. much appreciated

  • Jo Jude:

    May I ask what it is I have to do in order for these links to work for me? Every time I try, it always says that all are claimed. I really need more help with getting energy and gold bricks. But as always, the links do not work for me. It used to when this site was first introduced to me. Please help, would very much appreciate it and thanks in advance.

  • rick:

    these stopped working for me too… sigh..
    all rewards have been claimed,, but i keep trying :)

  • anyone know why mine always say claimed? I refresh but they still don’t show in inventory or bar…..

  • i haven’t had any luck either, since they started saying everything’s been claimed, but i’ll keep trying! :) thanks for the effort!

  • yay! it looks like some were working for me! i’ve reached my collection limit for now, but i can’t wait to try again tomorrow! :) thank you!

  • Jade:

    Wow! I finally got one to work! After a few “all rewards claimed” I got a “gift claimed successfully,” but alas I reached my collection limit so no more. Thanks!!!

  • Although I have not been able to claim these items, I want to thank you for creating them for us. I was able to claim the count of 10 energy but not this set.
    Having the extra energy helps me since I that cannot afford to buy crowns for energy and I am so totally hooked on this game that I wake up at 3am and at 6am to use up my energy before I go to work.
    thanks for getting these for us.

  • Jade:

    They are working!!!
    100% for gold bars
    50% for energy

    Thank you guys! You are awesome!

  • Cathi:

    It worked some. Got 2 out of 10 energy that said was claimed. I also got 5 alchemist powder. Thank you!!

  • emmy:

    This somtimes works for me,somtimes it dont, somtimes ill wait 8 hours en it works, wel done, ill be greatfull to you!!! thanks tanks xxx Keep up the good work!!!

  • sharon:

    Thank you so much! it says all rewards have been taken but they show up in my inventory later

  • Cathi:

    Thank you!! Just curious, is the limit 2 now for energy? Each time I collect them, after getting 2 (without any other messages) I get the message that I have reached my limit. I’m thankful for the 2 I get, it’s great!! Was just wondering if the limit changed.

  • kikay143:

    why is it I always just get 2 then it tells me collection limit reached… I have not even opened my castleville today and have not accepted any gifts, can someone help me, I really could use energy… :(

  • Jade:

    Hmm… the same “collect only 2″ limit applied to me too. Yesterday I was able to collect 15!! Certainly helped for the Mia quest. Thanks guys for your effort!!

  • Kygz:

    Thank you for this items. . . I got 5 gold bricks and 7 energies. . .

  • Linda:

    Thank you for taking the time to post these for us. I just wish Castleville would let me collect more than 2 a day!


    thank you so much… mine this time…. :) ))))))))))))))))))


    got mine thank you



  • rogue:

    thank you for the shards, getting 16 crystals to explore is a nightmare


    me again lol thank you got mine heheheheheheheheeheheheheh

  • Mel:

    Woah.. I just got about 30 crystal shards out of that! Im floored! Thank you sooo much!

  • dralou:

    Yup, it was something like that: another update and now, the links bring to a “Reward Data was missing” page.

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