Castleville Glitch - Flower Of Life - Unlimited Energy PotionHi Castleville players, currently there is a glitch in the game that can get you unlimited energy potion. Not sure how long the glitch will last, so act fast :) .

The glitch requires you to have a neighbor with untended flower of life and you have at least an action left for that neighbor.  When you find one, tend the flower of life:

Before Tending The Flower of Life

Castleville Glitch, before tending the flower of life

After Tending The Flower of Life

Castleville Energy Potion Glitch - After tending the flower of life

Now after you tend it, you can see that the action didn’t reduce the action bar in your neighbor kingdom. What’s that mean? :) It means that you can actually refresh your neighbor kingdom, go to the flower again and tend it, and repeat. But remember, the maximum limit of the energy potion in your inventory is 15. When you reach the maximum limit, just go to your kingdom, use all the energy potion, and go back to your neighbor kingdom and tend the flower of life again.

Ok that’s all guys, good luck filling your energy bar :D .

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