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It seems that a lot of people still looking for Castleville game feed.. And if you’re one of those people, we bet that after reading this post, you won’t be anymore. Here’s the link to your Castleville Feed Page on Facebook:

Don’t forget to bookmark them if you enjoy playing Castleville :)

On another note, Zynga have just announced about sending gift and neighbour request on Facebook, here’s the full announcement:

Facebook recently placed some changes with regards to gifting and “friend” request limits which have affected the way our users send gifts and friend/neighbor requests.

What is the Facebook limit on sending gifts and “friend’ requests?

Facebook is the host application for our games and there are certain rules that we follow – these rules are put in place to ensure the best user experience and the least downtime possible. There is a “Per Game” limit as well as a Facebook limit of requests that you can send in one day. Both of these limits can be changed by Facebook without notice.

What this means: On a given day, if you send multiple requests (gift/friend) in one game, your per game limit for another application may be impacted.

For example: Let’s say that Facebook has a daily limit set at 50 Friend Requests and I send out the Pioneer Trail maximum of 30 gifts and/or friend requests. If I then switch games and play Cafe World, I will be unable to send out the Cafe Maximum of 24 Gifts/Neighbor requests because 24+30 = 54 and I would be exceeding the Facebook set limits.

If you are having difficulties sending gifts or neighbor requests, it is quite possible that you have simply exceeded the Facebook daily limit.

IMPORTANT: If you have been warned for exceeding this Facebook limit, please do not send or post any more messages with the same or similar content. Spamming on Facebook will lead to your account being permanently disabled and Zynga will be unable to assist you in getting it back.

We are slowly introducing a new feature in which gifts and friends/neighbors can be accepted within the game interface rather than using Facebook’s page.

Until we have rolled out fully, you may also see duplication of gift and friend/neighbor requests due to both Zynga’s in-game feature and Facebook’s page feature being live at the same time.


Seems like this thing will impact on how we play Zynga games. What do you think?

5 Responses to “Castleville Facebook Feed Link + Zynga Announcement About Sending Gift And Adding Neighbor Limit”

  • This is crazy… not being able to gift on more than one application. Especially if you are a serious gamer. I currently play 5 different FaceBook games. I have been wondering for months now why I cannot send or receive gifts and have reported it to Cust. Supp. repeatedly. Now I understand why. This will cause me to choose one game out of the 5 that I currently play and stick with that one only. I will just drop the other games from my FaceBook account because it is a total waste of my time to play a game that is totally based on neighbor/friend participation. All of the FaceBook games require that you have a certain number of neighbors/friends and it is useless to have them if you cannot gift to them at all…I hope that they come up with a better solution to their gaming or they will lose majority of their gaming community. I know for a fact they have already lost aprox. 250+ of my friends as they are no longer on my friends list as gamers and their reason is that they find the games boring now due to this fact… Thank you for reading my response. Good Day.. Gayle Williamson

    • Leon:

      Yeah Gayle, we agreed, it’s a bit useless if you have many neighbors but have only limited gift to them.. we got a lot of help from our neighbors/friends. Let’s hope Zynga will have a solution for that when it happens.

  • cathy corning:

    yea i couldnt figure out why i kept getting the message gift sending limit has been reached how long untill i can gift again and why is it that sometimes you dont get alchemists powder all the time when you vist neighbors? do you get it every other time you visit one neighbor or is there a limit on that too ?????thanks cathy

  • I have not had any messages saying I have reached any limit, but I too can not send gifts to my Farmville neighbours. I will give this a week then I will sell everything and call it a day. To be honest I have been spending about five or six hours a day so it will save me a lot of time!

    In Castleville I am unable to click on neighbours kitchens at all.
    I do not get alchemist powder every time for visiting neighbours.

    Considering all the news about my privacy invasion in the last week and all the “CRAP” I had to delete this morning and all the reports I had to report as spam or offensive; I will give up on Facebook efore Zinga!

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