castleville error can't find beastieOh no.. those annoying beasties now have mutated to invisible beasties?? Have this thing ever happened to you: You need to talk to Castleville NPC like Rafael, Sonja, Yvette, Izadora for a new quest but he/she is blocked by a beastie, and worse, you can’t find the beastie? Or maybe you want to craft a new item in the workshop, but it is blocked by an invisible beastie? Take a look at our experience below:

Izadora is blocked by a beastie

castleville error - blocked by beastie - can't see beastie

castleville error can't find beastie

Yeah right Zynga.. Click it.. but where is the beastie??? Well, it turns out that there is a simple solution for that.. Take a look around in your kingdom, and you will find the beastie in another place! Kill / banish that gloom beastie and VOILA! Your place/ Castleville NPC character will be freed and available again. For our case, Izadora, she usually stays near her wagon, and we take a look at the wagon and there it is.. the trouble maker, a gloom wolf. Turns out it’s not invisible at all.. you just need to find where is it hiding. Banish it and problem solved :D .

Castleville can't see beastie

We know and understand that Castleville is still a new Facebook game made by Zynga, therefore, just accept a small error / flaw, and try to enjoy the experience of playing the game.

Tips: If you still can’t find the beastie, then try to look for a sword symbol and hover your mouse through it, you will see the beastie name and its life bar, and click it to fight and banish the beastie. Good Luck :) !

7 Responses to “Castleville Error – Can’t see the gloom beastie help”

  • Julie:

    i still can’t find the beasties… hmp..

  • byteme:

    I have a problem when I unlocked the Gloom area of Whirlwind – Icy Witch saga 1 of 7 – the beastie is hiding behind my tall castle somewhere and I can’t see it/ click on it / get a sword to come up – nothing – have read all the help/hidden beastie links but this one has me stumped. :o [

    • JP:

      byteme – i have the EXACT same problem…i just unlocked the Gloom area of Whirlwind…
      And the Beastie is hiding somewhere in that area, but it’s behind my trees and logging camp, so i can’t find it.
      24 hours later, and i still haven’t seen the sword.

  • Helena:

    Me too! I unlocked the gloom area with the whirlwind and I think the gloom wolf is behind my Great Hall. Since the Great Hall is “blocked by a beastie”, I can’t move the building. I’ve tried moving my mouse over every inch in that area, and I’ve also opened the application several times in hopes that the gloom wolf moved…all to no avail. Any suggestions?

  • Kristin:

    Same problem, but On Sonja’s Treasure Quest. Trying to banish 2 Thieves, One thief is hiding behind my Vault and logging camp and a bunch of trees. The other thief was turned into a chicken, but it’s not counted as “banished”. I dont know how the heck to do this thing. Can’t find the “sword” where my mouse can hover on. I can always use a Thief potion. But the problem is the Vault/logging camp/trees are stuck in the gloom and blocked by this stupid perpetual hide-and-seek thief. If this problem still persists, I will have to quit. Too many problems and the game freezes. I hope this gets resolved soon.

  • Tywana:

    I am having the same problem and the beasts are no where to be found in the kingdom,this has been going on for about a month and I keep losing chickens!

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