castleville Duke when beasties attack quest mission guideYou need to be level 7 or above to receive When Beasties Attack Quest. The quest consists of 8 missions. In this quest, we will build a new crafting building: The Beastie Lab and also craft some of its recipe.

Note: Did you notice the new gloom area that you can unlock? It’s the gloom area with the frozen pond (left gloom area of where you found Frozen George). But the requirements is quite high, you need: 4500 Castle Level, 564,000 Coins, and 28 Crystal Shards to unlock it. When you unlock it, you will receive 3 treasure chests that can give you items like the 2100 castle level gloom area.

The Good Fight – When Beasties Attack: Quest 1 of 8

“We’ve got to do something about these Beasties – they’re taking over!”


Castleville Banish the 2 Gloom Rats
Banish the 2 Gloom Rats in your Kingdom.
Tips: You can use Gloom Rat Potions to summon more Gloom Rats.

Castleville Reputation Heart Points
Visit 2 Neighbors to check and make sure they haven’t been overrun.
Tips: Click on the Neighbor Bar to visit friends.

Tend 5 buildings in your Neighbors’ Kingdoms.
Tips: Click on houses in you neighbor’s Kingdom, clicking other buildings won’t count.. it’s a typo from the game (should be house not building).


“Beastie attacks are growing more frequent. We need more powerful weapons!”

  • 500 coins
  • 10 XP
  • Castleville Gloom Rat Potion
    2 Gloom Rat Potion

Weird Science – When Beasties Attack: Quest 2 of 8

“There were some old Beastie remedies used back in my day. Maybe they will still work! First things first, we need a lab to produce them.”


Castleville Beastie Laboratory
Buy a Beastie Laboratory. You’re going to need it!
Tips: Buy in the Buildings tab of the Market. Beastie Laboratory Price: 2,000 Coins.

Castleville Beastie Laboratory
Construct the Beastie Laboratory. The quicker the better!
Tips: Beastie Laboratory Materials: 2 Wood Planks, 2 Stones, 5 Beakers.


“Excellent! Our very own top-secret Beastie Lab! I haven’t been this excited since I built my third Kitchen.”

  • 1000 coins
  • 20 XP

Here, Beastie Beastie… РWhen Beasties Attack: Quest 3 of 8

“Controlling Beasties should be our first priority. Keeping them out of sensitive areas is key!”


Castleville Gloom Rat Tail
Collect 6 Gloom Rat Tails.
Tips: Banish Gloom Rats to get Gloom Rat Tails. Rat Potions can be purchased in the Market. Don’t use wood club to banish them, as gloom rat tail can drop when you do the 1st and 2nd hit to the rat.

Castleville Rat Decoy
Craft 1 Rat Decoy to help keep Beasties off your grass!
Tips: Craft Rat Decoys in the Beastie Laboratory. Rat Decoy Materials: 3 Shells, 2 Rat Tails, 1 Moldy Cheese. Crafting Time: 12 hours.
You can get Moldy Cheese by asking friends, tending Animals, helping neighbors.

Castleville Rat Decoy
Place 1 Rat Decoy far away from buildings and crops in your Kingdom.
Tips: New Gloom Rats will run to the decoy instead of your stuff!


“Wow! I have to admit, I had my doubts about this old recipe, but you’ve made it more effective than ever!”

  • 1000 coins
  • 20 XP

Wolf’s Bane – When Beasties Attack: Quest 4 of 8

“According to the esteemed Gloomologist Hugh Moore, Silver Arrows are the ideal weapon against Gloom Wolves!”


Castleville Longbow
Ask Friends for 4 Longbows to help banish Beasties.
Tips: Ask Friends for Longbows.

Castleville Silver Arrow
Craft 5 Silver Arrows, the bane of Gloom Wolves!
Tips: Silver Arrows can be crafted in the Beastie Laboratory. Silver Arrows Materials: 4 Wolf Hairs, 2 Silve Ores, 2 Arrowheads. Crafting time: 4 hours.
You Can get Arrowhead by asking friends, tending flowers or grass, helping Neighbor.

Castleville Silver Arrows
Use 2 Silver Arrows to Banish Gloom Wolves.
Tips: Go to your Inventory to use the Silver Arrows.


“This Silver Arrow recipe works like a charm against Gloom Wolves!”

  • 1750 coins
  • 35 XP
  • Castleville Gloom Wolf Potion
    2 Gloom Wolf Potion

Morphing Time – When Beasties Attack: Quest 5 of 8

“I once knew an enchantress named Jai Lu. Rather than fighting Beasties, she tried to make them cute and cuddly. Maybe she was on to something!”


Castleville Thief's Cloaks
Collect 3 Thief’s Cloaks.
Tips: Find Thieves Cloaks by banishing Gloom Thieves. Get Thief’s Potions in the Market.

Castleville Thief Morphers
Craft 4 Thief Morphers. This should be interesting!
Tips: Thief Morphers can be crafted in the Beastie Laboratory. Thief Morphers Materials: 5 Thief Cloaks, 5 Ogre Belch, 3 Fairy Dust. Crafting Time: 7 hours.
You can get Fairy Dust by asking friends, tending buildings, helping neighbors.

Castleville Chicken
Use 2 Thief Morphers to turn Gloom Thieves into Chickens.
Tips: Go to your Inventory to use the Thief Morpher.


“This just proves that no idea is too crazy if you’re crafty enough to make it work!”

  • 1750 coins
  • 35 XP
  • Castleville Alchemy Table
    Alchemy Table

Clucked Up – When Beasties Attack: Quest 6 of 8

“Those Thieves are much more friendly now that they’re Chickens. The only downside is the additional mouths to feed!”


Castleville Chicken Feed
Ask friends for 6 Chicken Feed.
Tips: Ask Friends for Chicken Feed.

Castleville Chicken
Tend 25 Chickens in your Neighbors’ Kingdoms.
Tips: Visit nieghbors by clicking on the Neighbor bar.

Castleville Hard Boiled Eggs
Craft 3 Hard boiled Eggs with all the eggs you are now getting.
Tips: Craft Hard Boiled Eggs in the Kitchen. Hard Boiled Eggs Materials: 10 Eggs, 5 Pails of Water. Crafting time: 1.5 hours.


“Looks like your new Chickens are thriving. Omelettes for everyone!”

  • 1000 coins
  • 20 XP

Secret Ingredient – When Beasties Attack: Quest 7 of 8

“I was digging through my pantry and found my old Alchemistry textbook. I can’t believe the luck – it has a recipe for Alchemist Powder. Just what we need!”


Castleville Philosopher's Stones
Ask Friends for 6 Philosopher’s Stones.
Tips: Ask Friends for Philosopher’s Stones.

Castleville Gloom Goblin Ears
Collect 8 Gloom Goblin Ears.
Tips: Banish Gloom Goblins to find Gloom Goblin Ears.

Castleville Alchemist Powder
Craft 5 Alchemist Powder – without blowing anything up.
Tips: Craft Alchemist Powder in the Beastie Laboratory. You can sell Alchemist Powder if you have reached your limit. Alchemist Powder Materials: 7 Animal Bones, 5 Goblin Ears, 4 Secret Ingredients. Crafting Time: 2 hours.
You can get Secret Ingredients by asking friends, banishing beasties, helping neighbors.


“Great work! You’re a much better alchemist than I am. Don’t ever eat the secret ingredients. Trust me.”

  • 1750 coins
  • 35 XP

WMBD – When Beasties Attack: Quest 8 of 8

“Faugrimm must have caught on to our Beastie Lab – his minions are headed this way in full force! We need a Weapon of Mass Beastie Destruction!”


Castleville Alchemist Powder
Have 15 Alchemist Powder to make the Beastie Bomb.
Tips: Craft Alchemist Powder in the Beastie Laboratory or get it by visiting Neighbors.

Castleville Reputation Heart Points
Visit 10 Neighbors to warn them about the noise.
Tips: Visit Neighbors by clicking on the Neighbor Bar.

Castleville Beastie Bomb
Use the Beastie Bomb to Banish all the Beasties in your Kingdom.
Tips: Have the 15 Alchemist Powder then use the item in the Consumables section of your Inventory.


“What a blast! Those Beasties don’t know what hit them!”

  • 2500 coins
  • 50 XP
  • Castleville Blue Cauldron
    Blue Cauldron

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