castleville crafting guide and helpSometimes you want to prepare the item materials needed to craft some items for your quest in Castleville, but you can’t see what are the item materials needed because you have not construct the required building for the item. For Example, you want to know what are the item materials to make a horseshoe, but you can’t see it since you haven’t build a quary yet.. Well with this guide, hopefully you can always prepare the item ahead, so you can finished your Castleville game missions faster :)

Workshop Crafting Item Materials Guide

castleville workshop craft items

Item NameCrafting TimeItem Materials NeededRequirement(s)
Angle Finder44 hours2 Iron Bars, 1 Fastener, 15 Alchemist PowdersQuarry
Anvil9 hours5 Stone Blocks, 5 Alchemist Powders
Bag of Nails18 hours1 Iron Bar, 1 Leather, 10 HeartsBlacksmith
Boom Stick9 hours3 Fire Runes, 3 Cotton Threads, 5 Alchemist Powders
Brick Oven3 hours2 Stone Blocks, 2 Wood Planks, 5 Hearts
Charred Courtyard2.5 hours10 Sands, 2 Fire RunesAll In The Mine Quest
Collection Box3 hours1 Alchemist Powders, 1 Wood Plank, 1 ShellBlacksmith, Armory
Dagger of Strength13 hours1 Knife, 3 Hammers, 10 Alchemist Powders, 6 Crystal ShardsThe Gloom Lord Quest
Epic Ice Pick4 hours2 Master Ice Pick, 2 Silver Ores, 15 Unicorn Sparkles, 15 Ice ChunksExplore Bridge Gloom Area
Exploration Crystal1.5 hours3 Crystal Shards
Fishing Bait14 minutes1 Rat Tail, 3 Honeys, 1 Alchemist Powder
Gloom Goblin Potion12 hours1 Goblin Ear, 6 Alchemist Powders, 7 Wool Theads, 5 Wood LogsKitchen, Studio
Gloom Rat Potion2.5 hours1 Rat Tail, 2 Milk Bottles, 3 Shells, 1 Alchemist PowdersKitchen
Gloom Thief Potion3.5 hours1 Thief Cloak, 1 Iron Bar, 5 Stones, 1 Alchemist PowdersStudio
Gloom Wolf Potion2 hours 2 Wolf Hairs, 1 Chicken Meats, 1 Alchemist Powders
Gloom Yeti Potion2.5 hours1 Ice Chunk, 2 Fire Runes, 5 Berries, 6 Alchemist PowdersAll In The Mine Quest
Gold Brick1.5 hours2 Stone Blocks, 4 Alchemist Powders
Hammer2 hours2 Wood Logs, 2 Stone Blocks, 3 HeartsBlacksmith
Holiday Decoy1 hour2 Stone Blocks, 20 Berries, 10 HoneysSaving The Holiday Quest
Horsheshoe12 hours1 Iron Bar, 1 HammerBlacksmith, Quarry
Hypercraft14 hours1 Ruby, 5 Ogre Belch, 1 Hammer, 1 Alchemist Powder
Ice Pick1 hour7 Wood Logs, 2 Stone Blocks, 5 Ice ChunksBreaking The Ice Quest
Icy Torch9 hours1 Iron Bar, 5 Wood Logs, 3 Fire Runes, 1 Ice Chunk
Iron Axe13 hours2 Iron Bars, 1 GrindstoneKitchen, Blacksmith
Iron Bar9 hours3 Wood Logs, 2 Iron OresBlacksmith
Iron Pick18 hours4 Wood Logs, 1 Iron BarBlacksmith
Keg22 hours2 Iron Bars, 3 Wood Planks, 3 Alchemist PowdersBlacksmith
Knife9 hours1 Iron Bar, 4 Wood LogsBlacksmith
Master Ice Pick2 hours1 Ice Pick, 2 Iron Ores, 5 Polish, 10 Ice ChunksExplore Bridge Gloom Area
Punch Prep Table1 hour4 Wood Planks, 5 Punch Jugs, 4 Stone Blockscastleberry punch quest
Rope5 minutes5 Flaxes
Spear of Humility12 hours2 Iron Bars, 2 Anvils, 3 Wood PlanksThe Gloom Lord Quest
Stone Block1 hour6 Stones
Super Chop8 hours1 Iron Axe, 3 Alchemist PowdersBlacksmith
Super Clobber2 hours1 Alchemist Powders, 2 Wood Club
Sword9 hours1 Iron Bar, 3 Alchemist PowdersBlacksmith
Wood Club10 minutes5 Wood Logs, 1 Alchemist Powder
Wood Fence5 minutes2 Wood Logs
Wood Plank1 hour6 Wood Logs
Work Bench24 hours3 Wood Planks, 2 Bags of NailsLogging Camp, Blacksmith

Kitchen Crafting Item Materials Guide

castleville kitchen craft items

Item NameCrafting TimeItem Materials NeededBuilding(s) Required
Animal Treats2 hours10 Oats, 1 Flour SackMill
Bag of Popcorn1 hour5 Ears of Corn, 2 Sticks of Butter, 1 Flaxseed Oil
Bread Dough1.5 hours1 Stick of Butter, 2 Eggs, 2 Milk BottleMill
Bubbly Grog15 minutes5 Pails of Water, 5 Ogre Belch
Cake13 hours4 Flour Sacks, 3 Sticks of Butter, 2 Eggs, 2 HoneysMill, Bakery
Carrot Cake29 hours 2 Cake, 20 CarrotMill, Bakery
Castleberry Punch1 hour10 Berries, 10 Honeys, 4 Pails of Water, 3 Spicy ClovesCastleberry Punch Quest
Chicken Pot Pie3.5 hours1 Bread Dough, 1 Chicken Meat, 10 PotatoesButcher, Mill
Chicken and Corn Chili3 hours8 Ears of Corn, 2 Chicken Meats, 3 Chili Peppers, 5 TomatoesQuinn Magical Corn Quest
Chocolate Bar1.5 hours 5 Cocoas, 1 Stick of Butter, 4 Milk BottlesMill
Chocolate Covered Strawberries13 hours15 Strawberries, 4 Chocolate BarsMill, Bakery
Corn Dog2 Hours5 Corn Meals, 1 Spicy Sausage, 2 Milk Bottles, 1 Wood LogMill, Butcher, Quinn Magical Corn Quest
Cornbread Muffin4 Hours2 Corn Meals, 1 Flour Sack, 1 Stick of Butter, 2 EggsMill, Quinn Magical Corn Quest
Fertilizer2 hours3 Animal Bones, 2 Hard Boiled Eggs, 1 Alchemist Powder
Flaming Grog1 hour7 Pails of Water, 7 Ogre Belch, 7 Chili Peppers
Flaxseed Oil5 minutes2 Flaxes
Flour Sack14 minutes4 Wheats, 3 HeartsMill
Fried Fish8 hours4 Bass, 4 Flax Oils, 2 Flour SacksMill, Fishery
Grape Juice1.5 hours10 Grapes, 5 Pails of Water
Grindstone2 hours5 Stones, 5 Hearts
Hard Boiled Egg1.5 hours10 Eggs, 5 Pails of Water
Hot Buns2 hours1 Bread Dough, 1 Stick ButterMill, Bakery
Ice Cream2.5 hours5 Ice Chunks, 5 Milk Bottles, 2 Honey
Ice Cream Cone45 minutes2 Ice Creams, 5 Strawberries
Ice Cream Sandwich3 hours4 Ice Creams, 2 Bread Doughs, 10 Cocoas
Kettle Corn4 hours6 Ears of Corn, 6 Honeys, 1 Stick of Butter, 1 Flax OilQuinn Magical Corn Quest
Meat Sandwich17 hours4 Hot Buns, 12 Meats, 3 Cabbages, 3 TomatoesButcher, Mill, Bakery
Pile of Corn Meal5 minutes5 Ear of Corns, 1 Flour sack
Pizza13 hours1 Bread Dough, 5 Tomatoes, 15 Peace of Meats, 10 Chili PeppersButcher, Mill
Plate of Spaghetti2 hours10 Bundles of Wheat, 3 Flaxseed Oils, 7 TomatoesA Pet For George Quest
Spicy Sausage10 hours15 Meats, 10 Chili PeppersButcher
Stick of Butter5 minutes5 Milk Bottles
Tomato Bisque Soup8 hours20 Tomatoes, 10 Milk Bottles, 3 Stick Butters
Totem Bane2 hours20 Ogre Belch, 5 Alchemist Powder, 30 Carrots, 4 Sticks of ButterIcy Witch Quest

Studio Crafting Item Materials Guide

castleville studio craft items

Item NameCrafting TimeItem Materials NeededBuilding(s) Required
Bedding16 hours1 Cotton Cloth, 1 Cotton Thread, 3 Down Feathers, 10 HeartsTailor
Bottle Of Ink10 minutes3 Berries, 3 Pails of Water
Bundle of Love Arrows16 hours20 Wood Planks, 40 Red Feathers, 10 Iron Bars, 5 Sticks of ButterThe Gloom Lord Quest
Button3 hours6 Animal Bones
Candle2 hours3 Cotton Threads, 8 Beeswax, 5 HeartsTailor
Catapult42 hours 20 Wood Planks, 1 CogClockmaker, Jeweler's Shoppe
Cloth Apron12 hours2 Cotton Clothes, 2 RopesTailor, Workshop
Cog23 hours2 Iron Bar, 1 Hammer, 3 Alchemist PowdersClockmaker, Jeweler's Shoppe, Workshop
Cotton Cloth2.5 hours3 Cotton Threads, 5 HeartsTailor
Cotton Leggings14 hours2 Cotton Clothes, 1 Leather, 3 Cotton ThreadsTailor
Cotton Thread5 minutes5 Cottons
Crafted Glass2.5 hours5 Sands, 2 Wood LogsJeweler's Shoppe
Dye Kit2 hours10 Red Feathers, 2 Alchemist Powders
Fasteners14 hours1 Iron Bar, 10 HeartsClockmaker, Workshop
Flag18 hours3 Wool Clothes, 2 Dye KitsTailor
Glue1.5 hours5 Animal Bones, 2 Pails of Water, 5 Honey, 2 BeeswaxKitchen
Large Banner17 hours2 Cotton Clothes, 2 Dye KitsTailor
Leather2 hours1 Cow Hide, 3 Flaxseed OilsKitchen
Leather Apron9 hours2 Leathers, 5 Mink Oils, 1 RopeTailor, Workshop
Leather Pants16 hours4 Mink Oils, 4 LeathersTailor
Loom3 hours8 Wood Logs, 4 Wool Threads, 5 Hearts
Ornate Tapestry28 hours10 Cotton Threads, 5 Cotton Clothes, 1 DiamondTailor, Jeweler's Shoppe
Parchment7 minutes4 Wood Logs, 6 Cottons
Pine Cone Garland1 Hour2 Cottons, 15 Pine ConesWinter / Christmas Season
Practice Dummy28 hours8 Wheats, 2 Buttons, 4 Wool ClothesTailor
Silver Ingot2.5 hours2 Silver Ores, 5 Wood PlanksJeweler's Shoppe
Stained Glass34 hours3 Crafted Glasss, 1 Dye Kit, 2 Iron BarsClockmaker
Wishing Well27 hours15 Stone Blocks, 15 Wood PlanksClockmaker, Mining Camp
Wool Cloth2 hours5 Wool ThreadsTailor
Wool Thread5 minutes3 Wools
Wool Tunic18 hours5 Wool Clothes, 2 Dye KitsTailor

Gift Shoppe Crafting Item Materials Guide

Item NameCrafting TimeItem Materials NeededQuest(s) Required
Fruit Cake1 Hour8 Grapes, 10 Wheat Bundles, 2 SpicesSave Kris Kringle Quest
Holiday Slippers1 Hour5 Wools, 2 Wool Threads, 1 BellSave Kris Kringle Quest
Lazy Spring1 Hour2 Iron Ores, 2 Silver Ores
Stuffed Unicorn1 Hour12 Cottons, 8 Cotton Threads, 4 Golden HornsSave Kris Kringle Quest
Wind-up Beastie1 Hour12 Wood Logs, 3 Rat Tails, 3 Wind-up KeysSave Kris Kringle Quest

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