Hi CastleVillers, here are some CastleVille reward gift links we found to help making your CastleVille’s Kingdom more beautiful and also making your life easier to obtain some hard to get item like exploration crystal and hyper craft. We believe these rewards also include all the happines meter reward from castleville official fanpage, this means that you don’t need to wait for the 5 million likes. Skip it and obtain it already! That’s why we categorize this as a castleville cheats.

Below are the list of the limited gift links – Note that Limited means you can only get one time per reward link.

Exploration Crystal Gift Reward Links
exploration crystal reward link 1  exploration crystal gift reward link 2 exploration crystal gift reward link 2

Hyper Craft Gift Reward Links:

hyper craft gift reward link 1hyper craft gift reward link 2

Gold Brick Gift Reward Links:

gold brick gift reward link

500 Coins Gift Reward Link:

500 coins gift reward link

GMA Flag Pole Gift Reward Link:

gma flag pole gift reward link

Fountain Gift Reward Link:

fountain gift reward link

Marble Fountain Gift Reward Link:

marble fountain gift reward link

Golden Fish Fountain Gift Reward Link:

gold fish fountain gift reward link

Archery Target Gift Reward Link:

archery target gift reward link

The Queen’s Silver Statue Gift Reward Link:

the queens silver statue gift reward link

Cannon Gift Reward Link:

cannon gift reward link

Topiary Castle Gift Reward Link:

topiary castle gift reward link

Bluebonnet Flower Gift Reward Link:

bluebonnet flower gift reward link

Morning Glory Flower Gift Reward Link:

morning glory flower gift reward link

TIPS: In castleville quest – From Gloom To Bloom, you can use the Bluebonnet and Morning Glory Flower to fulfill the place 2 of flowers. Helps you safe some coins if you’re tight on them :D

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