castleville beastie laboratory glitch - build many beastie labs!Since the When Beasties Attack Quest requires us to craft many beastie items with a long crafting time, it would be great if we can have more than 1 beastie laboratory.. unfortunately Zynga team have capped the maximum number of beastie laboratory to only 1 in the game.. but luckily, they always like to create a glitch that sometimes help us :) . Here’s how to do the glitch:

Normally if you already have a beastie laboratory, you can not buy another one in the market..

castleville beastie laboratory glitch 01 - capped at 1 in the game

But when you put it in the storage cellar,

castleville beastie laboratory glitch 02 - store the beastie lab in the game

You can build the beastie laboratory again! If there’s no option to build more in the market place, refresh the game.

castleville beastie laboratory glitch 03 - now you can build more in the game

Now you can construct the new beastie lab and have 2 of them

castleville beastie laboratory glitch 04 - construct the second beastie laboratorycastleville beastie laboratory materials

.. or 3 !! :D

castleville beastie laboratory glitch 05 - build beastie laboratory as many as you want

You can have as many as you want, just remember to build more, you have to store all the beastie laboratories you have in the game.

Note: Only works with the beastie lab, for other crafting buildings, you can store it but after you build a new one, you can’t take out the last building.

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